Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 11

There have been huge successes by Donald in bringing an end to political correctness. When other candidates for President of the United States start making penis size jokes about other candidates, your entire attitude and outlook changes about the longevity of political correctness.


When you hear the cheering and look at the smiles on people’s faces when Donald Trump makes a politically incorrect statement at one of his political campaign rallies, you can’t help but feel a change is underway. After all if a candidate to be the President of the United States being the most powerful person in the world can blow off political correctness that by definition was for politicians, you can’t help but see light at the end of the tunnel. However the next step is for people to get enough balls and develop a Sigma personality so they can skip the political correctness themselves. Meaning it is OK to tell people that are too sensitive to go and find a therapist, and you have no plans to walk on egg shells for them to cope with the real world.


So now that the Republican race for President has been boiled down to 3 because John Kasich doesn’t really count, we need to look at the other contenders. First is Ted Cruz who most feel is too far Right and part of why Congress is stalled. He is a deeply religious person and as a result he has no real balls. To trash political correctness for him would be totally outside of his upbringing. So if he was elected President, Russia’s President Putin and other strong leaders would simply own him.


Marco Rubio is another story. Now that he has seen that by not being politically correct gets him votes, he has trashed political correctness and started with penis and other politically incorrect jokes about Donald Trump. So essentially he has crossed back into what people really are. It is easy to see that if Donald Trump never went there, he still would be worried about upsetting sensitive people.


So Now the Republican party is all messed up and wanting to attack Donald Trump for taking the party to places they never dreamed of, however for the most part they are trying to do it in a politically correct way. So as we have said before this is a pillow fight and Donald Trump has brought nunchucks so you already know how that will turn out. the Republican party is demonstrating just how self-centered they are and are looking to override what people are voting for.


People see that Donald Trump can get things done and that is in contrast of what the Republican party has become. Donald has already put the Speaker of the House on notice to play ball or get burned. For those that don’t understand what that means, it is exactly the same as he has been doing and that is to make people unelectable if they don’t cooperate and have a temper tantrum. So there are perks as well to trashing political correctness, and that is a good thing.


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