Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 12

Despite daily withering attacks from politically correct people accusing Donald Trump for just about everything you can imagine, Donald simply turns around and fights back. The interesting part about all of this is when comparing what was said in the politically correct attack and how Donald Trump replied, what Donald said made a lot more sense than the politically correct accusation.


Donald Trump’s ability to repel an attack from the politically correct with facts people can see with their own eyes is how life was before political correctness. Making people somehow feel they were wrong is part of how politically correctness works. It causes people to have doubt and thus become subservient stripping away free speech and dignity in the process.


Taking issue with one point that Donald Trump is proving to be absolutely right is the source of the violence at some of his rallies. Political correctness is accusing Donald Trump of causing the violence, when Donald’s response was he is just the messenger, the anger and frustration that Donald is talking about in his rallies was already there. Donald Trump talking about the issues in a frank and straight up way the same way people talk about the same issues behind closed doors, is the connection people have with him. This connection people have with him on the issues and his straight talk has caused an unbreakable bond as if Donald was family. It was the same ‘He is one of us’ feeling people had when Senator Barack Obama was running for President.


Even the Republican Party establishment stop Trump attacks are rooted in political correctness. By trying to paint Donald Trump as somehow not of quality stock, is actually causing Donald Trump’s supporters to dig in. By attempting to paint Donald as not quality stock, they are painting his supporters (family) with the same brush. All Donald has been doing is calling it like it is, and the Republican Party does not like it one bit, but then again they earned their rock bottom approval rating all by themselves without any help from Donald.


All of this anti Donald Trump behavior is rooted in political correctness. Donald Saying things as he sees them is absolutely politically incorrect. The fact that the Republican Party establishment is going to such lengths to attack Donald does make you think about a hidden agenda, but that conspiracy theory can wait as bringing it up would very likely cause the Republican Party to completely collapse.


Statistically Alpha males and Alpha females don’t adhere to the rules of political correctness. As they make up roughly 20% of the population, you can see that in society by people that are leaders and not followers. Those people want nothing to do with political correctness and simply say it like it is, and that is why they are respected as Alphas. Rest assured these Alphas connect with Donald Trump on at least one level and likely many more. Many people that are not Alphas admire Donald for being and Alpha and going to bat for what they may be too afraid to say, or have been punished by the politically correct for even daring to call it as it is.


So as we come to think of this and referencing a story we recently did on becoming an Alpha or in this case undoing the damage to a person cause by political correctness, Donald Trump is leading the way, and others are not only welcome but encouraged to walk in his footsteps to restore their dignity stripped away by political correctness.


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