100 percent failure rate in stopping commercial sex

comercial sex

It does not matter what place on the planet, or even what century or millennium the attempt was made, every attempt to stop commercial sex has failed. Even in places where the strictest interpretations of Sharia law are enforced, the desire for sex outweighs the risk even when that risk is getting stoned to death.


Every now and again some politician decides to make a name for themselves by going after commercial sex. They may make a lot of noise, do press conferences or a press release, and it is all about pleasing a small percentage of society who most likely have their own sexual hang-ups. The desire to stop commercial sex is often rooted in religion. At last check you really don’t want to be talking to someone who’s rules about sex, celibacy, and sacrifice tend to produce crops of pedophiles.


One of the main reasons for the perfect failure rate is that we are part of nature before we are a part of anything else. Nature’s rule is to procreate or die. Everything that is alive makes more of themselves, hence the purpose of life. So trying to stop that basic biological function is like asking a fish not to swim or an eagle not to fly. It is because that instinctual drive to reproduce or at least go through the mechanics of reproducing is why every attempt has failed and will fail in the future.


But looking at some of the reasons commercial sex manages to endure comes down to the simple economics of supply and demand. If someone and in particular a male does not have a sex partner, nature simply does not care. The sex drive behind that comes down to making males always ready to mate because that is how nature programmed males. There is but a short window every month that a female can get pregnant and that is different for every female. So nature makes males always ready and with that comes sexual desire.


Other facts that promote commercial sex is when withholding sex is used as leverage. That only works for just a few times. After that commercial sex or a regular lover will enter the picture because the sex desire does not go away because someone is playing games by withholding sex. The same is true if there is not balance between supply and demand where sex partners libidos are out of balance.


Nature does not care about the right and wrong rules called laws made by man. Those laws came after the fact and have only existed for the smallest fraction of time when compared to the rules of nature that started when the very first cell divided into 2 cells billions of years ago. So the law that makes some variation of sex illegal based on how you meet your sex partner is about as effective as using toilet paper as a sail in a rain storm.


So the next time someone gets the grand idea about going after commercial sex or for that matter adult entertainment, just ask if they want to put their name on the failed list before or after they try.

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