Google vs Connecting the Dots Part 13

A solid month had passed since we were told we were in violation of Google’s AdSense policy, and we have heard nothing. As with most people we don’t like being left in limbo so we decided to see if there was some way to get things moving. As it would be we did find a roundabout way to contact Google, so that is exactly what we did.

In the previous times when Google found us in violation they blocked our ads and provided a way for us to contact them once we had addressed the issue. However as that second shoe had yet to drop and it was looking more and more like it was stuck inside Google, we felt compelled to act.

We basically went into our Google AdSense Dashboard and found a notification we were in violation. After clicking about a bit we came across a display that showed a history of our violations that included the other two times the page in question was cited. The present issue was marked unresolved while the others were marked resolved.

So what we did looking at our options they provided, there was a button we could click saying we had resolved the issue. Once we clicked that button a multiple choice menu was presented. The last option on the list was simply labeled ‘Other’ and we selected that. That opened a window that we could enter a comment about what we had done to resolve the problem. So we typed the following in the window;

‘Nothing, as we were never in violation the same as the other 2 times. This page was never changed at all from day 1’.

So that was done on Monday August 29  at about 4:00pm Bangkok time. We were unsure how long it would take as it was Still before sunup at Google central. Past experience was about 48 hours for the reply. Now that message could do one of 2 things. Either piss someone off being the person who cited the alleged violation, or slap someone in the face telling them to wake up as they were likely violating one or more anti-discrimination laws. Google’s reply would tell us what bell had been rung.

On Friday September 2 at about 7:30am we still had not received any reply from Google telling us that we were once again good people upholding the community standard (as it has been their past protocol). So we decided to go back in and have a look at our AdSense dashboard again. To our surprise the issue had been marked resolved. Now perhaps we are seeing things but as we clicked on to get more information it said that we had marked it resolved. There was no sign of admitting their error.

So with pure speculation, this seems to have been a well thought out way of making this seem to disappear as if nothing had ever happened. That also suggests that Connecting the Dots is not the only case of this nature. It looks like Google’s lawyers have been doing their thing as well. After all any formal notification that we were now in compliance after doing absolutely nothing is simply an admission of guilt on their part.

So Here we sit once again at what seems to be the end of the story. However as things do seem to repeat themselves we feel there is a fair chance of Part 14 of this series sometime in the future.


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