Brexit – Be careful what you ask for!

It goes without saying the pending exit of Britain from the European Union is starting to resemble stepping into something organic at a farm with many animals. But this is just an example of people not thinking out clearly what would happen and listening to a few well-spoken people who had an agenda.

In general there are a few short phrases that quickly sum up all you need to know in life. In economics the phrase ‘Supply and Demand’ says it all and gives even the simplest people a concept of what regulates prices in the market place. There is another phrase in military strategy being ‘Divide and Conquer’, and still another being ‘Strength in Numbers’. There is another phrase at Connecting the Dots that we frequently use being, ‘Sheep Mentality’. Simply what that means is people who copy what others are doing without giving any thought or analysis to the reason for the behavior. We see that frequently when the stock market takes a dive because someone decided there was an unknown and unknowns mean danger and risk.


So what we have seen so far is the British Pound is quickly becoming the British Ounce as its value seems to be in a freefall. There are several banks with offices in Britain that said they would pull out if Brexit was to happen, and they are making good on their word that will further lighten the British Pound. The same is true with companies who look to pull out of Britain as well because the open border will quickly become a Duty check point. So practical business sense says pull out and leave the idiots to suffer the Karma of their actions. That just goes to show many if not all business decisions have nothing to do with being politically correct. Donald Trump has shown the world that, and the message has stuck.


Looking at what countries are Pro-Brexit, the top of the list is Russia, and that brings us back to the military phrases we talked about above. It seems they hope Brexit will cause a cascade effect and break up the European Union completely, and that possibility does exist, but politicians are doing their best to keep that out of the news. If that happens the global balance of power shifts to countries that have a lot of the color red in their flags. But if you read the news, it seems Russia is doing a little more than just hoping that will happen.


For the British who voted to stay in the European Union, uttering the word idiots has entered daily vocabulary. It appears those are the people who did think things out and did not jump off the cliff with the other sheep. However center of gravity has shifted and the entire British flock is heading for that cliff wanting to jump or not. Some describe it as the British feeding themselves into a wood chipper.


What happens next will no doubt be more bad news for the British. Inflation, unemployment and all the things governments have been fighting off from around 2009 will simply come rushing back with a vengeance. There will be nobody to help them as that is what Brexit is all about, going at it alone.

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