That uneasy feeling people have about Donald Trump

It is a bit of deja vu as you have seen this before in movies where something is just not right. It is a common theme in disaster movies and some action movies as well. The only difference is this is real and that gut feeling just does not go away when you step outside.

We have seen movies where power was given to someone who did not understand how to use it. We are not talking about giving an eighteen year old keys to a high powered super car like a Bugatti Chiron that has 1500 horsepower and can do 260+MPH. That would likely result in Darwin sorting things out with just the teen getting collected with a squeegee and a mop. This is more like giving someone a gun who has anger management issues fed by ego where others will get hurt and not him.

Donald Trump has shown several examples of expressing the desire to punish people who did not agree with him. Movies where legal means may not be available to do that, but thugs jumping someone does just fine as plan ‘B’. So the element of fear is already being spread and the clear signs are there that this is more than just a feeling. Pick any movie about a dictator and you will find that. So freedom of speech only applies if you agree with Donald, otherwise there will be a price to pay one way or another.

With each day you see more and more signs that make the knot in your stomach get bigger. With Donald Trump unwilling or unable to distinguish true from false, coupled with people who have the same problem being selected to run the Government, we see the strong possibility of lying to the public to get things to happen. There are several movies with that theme from aliens movies to Nazi movies. In all of those movies people were being lead to slaughter thinking they were just being relocated.

Another thing that has caused mixed feelings is Donald Trump and his chat with the President of Taiwan and how it upset China. There are a few facts to point out. First and most important is Donald Trump is a private citizen until he takes the oath of office January 20, 2017. So with China jumping the gun as if Donald was already in office, it does tend to rub people the wrong way.  To sum it up, a communist government that thrives on censorship is telling an American citizen while they are in America and not in China that they don’t have freedom of speech and freedom of choice. In the simplest of terms, those are fighting words that invoke patriotism in Americans as China wants to step on the US Constitution. There are a bunch of movies that fit that theme as well, and all involve bullets and spilled blood.

So the knot in your stomach is not from an over active imagination. We have seen this play out many times in movies and in history as well with the likelihood of history repeating itself. The one big difference, there were no nukes the last time around, and Donald Trump has shown no signs he is shy to use them. That does invoke the thought of the Mad max movies.

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