Narcissism influenced Presidential behavior Part 1

So here we are and Donald Trump has not even taken the oath of office to become President of the United States, and already we are seeing clear signs that narcissism is strongly influencing his behavior. So if his narcissism is so overt before he is sworn in, you can understand why we decided for this to be a series and not just a single entry.

Before we start this series, we must point out that this series is in no way connected to the series “Donald Trump slayer of political correctness”. This series will focus on how narcissism is influencing presidential decisions and behavior. That is very important because once Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, every living thing on this planet right on down to bacteria stands to become a victim of a narcissist.

So to put it in the simplest of terms, Narcissism is defined as a personality disorder, as are sociopaths and psychopaths. A narcissist sees themselves as better than everyone else and for the most part has no empathy or concern for others. So when you take that very basic behavior, you can see the very predictable response that Donald Trump had to the news that the Russians helped him win the presidency. He did all he could to discredit the thousands of people in the intelligence community for the simple reason that help from anyone would diminish his self-perceived greatness. He needed to feel he won the office of President all on his own.

So when putting himself as right and making everyone else wrong, you begin to see the dangers of a narcissistic person with enough nuclear bombs at his disposal to kill every living thing on the planet a dozen times over. Sure there have been narcissistic leaders before, but none with nukes. Russia’s Vladimir Putin does show some signs of narcissism, however not nearly as overtly as Donald Trump. Vladimir Putin comes across as more of a bully and a thug than a narcissist by dealing with people that challenge him including a band called Pussy Riot.

Donald Trump’s press team is going full time trying to downplay and soften what Donald Trump says by attempting to explain it away as a misunderstanding. But as we have seen on many occasions, Donald Trump side steps them and just blasts off some tweets reaffirming he meant what he said.

One of the biggest concerns is Donald Trump’s narcissism is his Achilles Heel. What that means is that anyone who understands psychology can induce a response with the proper stimulus. Short translation is; Pissing Donald Trump off enough to get him to do something. In the case of Donald Trump, that is not very difficult at all. So just imagine pissing him off enough to invade or even nuke a country who just happens to be annoying another country who understands psychology. That single thought likely accounts for a significant amount of anxiety globally in the informed community. Translation again, that means some third country may have their hand on America’s nukes.


This is part of a periodic series. This entry was composed January 7, 2017. Events after that are not reflected in this entry.

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