Narcissism influenced Presidential behavior Part 2

Trump Obama attendance compare
Comparison of inauguration attendance Obama 2009 (right) to Trump 2017 (left). Photos taken from Washington monument the same time of day on each date.

Without missing a beat, Donald Trump started off with arguing with facts about the low number of people in attendance at his inauguration. Photos don’t lie but that did not stop him from denying them saying they were fake.

This clearly looks to be an interesting series to say the least. Any fact that does not fit Donald Trump’s ego is attacked along with the messenger, photographer, computer counting programs, and so on and so on. Not only is this laughable, but it provides a wonderful example to teach young people about narcissism. When we are talking young people, perhaps the term pre-puberty is a more descriptive age range. Needless to say this makes Donald Trump a piñata in more ways than one.

With Donald Trump complaining about false news like the issues with Facebook, then he openly is making his own false statements or false news if you prefer, there are almost no words to describe where he places himself in credibility.

However as Connecting the Dots does not talk about what happened so much, and we are more about predicting what will happen next, we can say that this behavior and denial of facts is simply giving Donald Trump all the rope he needs to hang himself. Therefore our prediction that is not too difficult to make based on the overtness of his narcissism, is he will be very likely removed from office for lack of continuity with facts.

The Constitution does provide a mechanism for such a case. In the simplest of terms, first Congress must vote to say the President has lost contact with reality. Once that happens the Vice President takes over as acting President. There is zero time between the two as the declaration of incompetency triggers the power change. What that means is the man with the football (nuke codes) will stand behind the acting President the moment congress votes to remove the President. Then the next step is congress does an evaluation with psychiatrists and psychologists to make a professional diagnosis if the condition is permanent or temporary or even if it exists at all. The outcome of that will set the next step in motion. More specific information here.

So far all of this narcissistic behavior has been of trivial matters, and they only effect his self-perception of greatness. However once the line is crossed that puts people in harm’s way because his ego is more important than facts, that then meets the criteria for congress to hold a competency vote. Likely they will let several instances happen to better insure the success of the vote to remove him.

Ironically that happens fairly frequently in other countries that have Parliaments. They will often call a vote on the Prime Minister if they feel he/she is not doing his/her job. If he/she passes he/she remains Prime Minister, if not he/she is removed and a new Prime Minister is elected amongst them.

So as this looks to go, it may become a bet Las Vegas will take up if impeachment or removal for competency will happen first. On that note, there seems to be unanimous consensus that Donald Trump will be removed from office before his first term ends at 12:00 noon January 20, 2021.


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