Narcissism influenced Presidential behavior Part 3

We have never started a post with the first sentence being a complaint until now. But the complaint is so overwhelming, it had to be said up front. When we started this series we thought we would have one or two things to talk about each week related to Narcissism, and that would have been more than enough allowing us to dig a bit deeper into each to show the dots. But as it turns out there are several each day, and they seem to be getting more and more pronounced, and we simply can’t keep up.

Because there are so many events that are related to narcissism going on with Donald Trump, we feel we need to step back a bit and use a wider lens. What that wider lens is showing is more or less expected, but not this soon and not of this intensity. We put this in our popcorn category, meaning that you can sit back with some popcorn and watch events unfold as there is some entertainment value. However at the same time it is like standing too near an EF5 tornado where you risk getting hit by flying debris or getting sucked into the vortex.

Donald Trump is heading for overload followed by an implosion that will be quickly followed by and explosion just like a super nova. That means what will happen will both be on the extreme side and also very loud. When things don’t go his way you start to see the behavior of a spoiled brat who will only make more noise until he gets what he wants. Empowered with all the resources of the President of The United States, it becomes more than amusing, it becomes globally dangerous.

Sam Vaknin is an established author on Narcissism and he presents in a very easy to understand style. He has done more than one video on Donald Trump, and the video below was published in May 2016 some 6 months before Donald Trump was elected President. Looking at the video, you see all that he says is in fact now becoming true.


What we at Connecting the Dots are seeing is the start of a critical mass buildup. What we mean is there will be more and more legal challenges to Donald Trump’s authority as President. Case in point the 7 country ban on Muslims. As soon as a federal judge put an injunction stopping that ban, Trump immediately within minutes launched an attack on the judge using Twitter. Then when the appeals court upheld the injunction, Donald sent a very angry Tweet attacking the ruling of the appeals court. This not only show that Trump does not care about the base foundation of the separation of power that the United States is built on, he will attack any challenger in an attempt to ruin them. This is a narcissist saying he is above the law.

The last time we saw that behavior was with former President Richard Nixon where he used various branches of the government to attack any challenge. In one example Nixon would use the IRS and send them to do an audit to intimidate them. We only mention this as Donald Trump has already hinted he would seek to ruin anyone who challenges his supremacy.

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