Trump’s Whitehouse staff risk unrecoverable career damage

Until now landing a job at the Whitehouse was seen as a huge career boost. But with Donald trump in the Oval office and him being unhinged and living in his own narcissistic world doing more lying than telling the truth, people will simply wonder why you did not just up and leave.

If you work at Acme cog and bolt company, nobody really knows what is going on where you work. They would never know that your boss could be a complete tyrant or the best boss on the planet unless you tell them yourself. But with every news service on the planet focused on Donald Trump and his off the wall tirades, the whole world now knows that the man who has the launch codes for roughly half the world’s nuclear bombs, has no clue what he is doing and only looks to feed his narcissistic supply at the expense of everyone around him.

So here you are a Whitehouse staffer, and your job is to make sure that everyone is on the same page. You are not a diplomat nor are you someone who has any significant pull. You simply try to keep things together while people above you are in full time damage control sifting through the carnage of what the office of President of the United States has become. Many of those above you are either making cover lies or adding new lies on old and other such things to keep the walls from caving in from media pressure.

So enter guilt by association and people start wondering why you just did not up and quit. Questions about your moral and ethical behavior to work in a place that lies seem to be the main output to the world will no doubt be asked. Also the question if you were actively involved in making lies and were you helping to spread those lies. In other words, a whole bunch of questions that would have never been asked about you had the election results put Donald Trump back in his tower and not in the Whitehouse.

If there is any doubt, just look at the level of grilling going on for people who must be approved by the Senate to become part of the Trump Government. Many of the questions they are being asked are directly related to the lies. For someone with high moral and ethical standards, it is like standing behind a manure spreader that is running full throttle doing its thing. Do you want to be part of that or not is what will be asked.

Manure spreader

So even if you are not doing the lie thing, not getting out of there as soon as possible will at the very least leave the smell of manure on your CV or Resume. Even the possibility of a deep FBI investigation into your life just for working there while they look for links to Russia and whoever else, is just simply not wanted by you or anyone.

So the next job that will offer you big money because you worked at the Whitehouse may never come because knowing how investigations work, they don’t end when you hand in your ID badge on your last day at work, and your next employer may just decide they don’t need that investigation that could involve them as well.


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