Rights under attack by FBI

Americans would think that the FBI is the good guys, but unfortunately that is turning out not to be the case. There is ample evidence that shows FBI agents ignoring and violating several rights of Americans who are engaged in a constitutionally protected activity with the FBI citing what appears to be programmed paranoia as the reason.

This entry differs from our norm of connecting dots to show a bigger picture, but then again if you read this with an open mind, it still may show that bigger picture. Americans have grown to expect certain rights and the highest law in the land is the First Amendment of the Constitution. Every American knows about the First Amendment simply because it seems to be in the news daily. In general it is about freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

To put this into a short summary if you don’t feel like reading the long winded version, the FBI is not only repeatedly violating the rights of people citing paranoia as a reason, they have started to remove evidence of their right violating behavior by removing and or blocking the evidence that is posted on the Internet. That does not even count the attempts to destroy the credibility of the person who’s rights they violated by circulation of disinformation should they decide to challenge the FBI about what they did. That means they will hunt for the skeletons in your closet and if they can’t find any they will create some

So if that behavior sounds like the behavior of a criminal that includes bullying, tampering with evidence, and character assassination, you would be right. If that also sounds like the behavior of a sociopath with some psychopathic tendencies, you also would be right. If you don’t know what a sociopath is or how they behave, think Charles Manson or the Joker from the Batman movies. A sociopath has no regard for the law, they have no problem hurting people to get what they want, and they have no ability to feel empathy.

Getting down to specifics in our ongoing series “The newest Breed of American heroes”, the first person we interviewed was David at News Now Houston, and he was assaulted by the FBI at their El Paso Texas office. By all accounts this was totally uncalled for where David was physically harmed, arrested and had his cameras confiscated for simply pointing his camera at the FBI building. Filming the FBI building from a public place is not only protected by the First Amendment, there are several documents and court rulings that eliminate any and all doubt that it is 100% legal if not 1000% legal. But the FBI simply did not care about any of that even that David told them before they assaulted him. They were going to do what they wanted to do, and there was no stopping them.

That has not only happened to David at News Now Houston, but this behavior has been mirrored all over the country with other people that were doing the exact same protected behavior. YouTube has dozens of examples that show the same paranoia and the same aggressive violation of rights by the FBI. The repeated pattern of the FBI across the country simply says this is not the action of a single FBI agent or a small group at a specific post, it seems this is simply how they act.

So what has happened is the FBI has started a counter attack in an attempt to hide evidence from the eyes of the public. Their first strike was to get the News Now Houston Facebook page taken down. That was met with immediate response with the YouTube video below saying that happened. That is also the reason for this entry. News Now Houston expects the FBI will look to have their YouTube channel taken down as well.

So what Connecting the Dots is doing is mirroring the evidential YouTube clips should the FBI be successful in hiding public evidence of their paranoid behavior. The public response was just as ours, is we are going to mirror. By the time you are reading this there will be dozens of mirrors. So what you will see below is two instances of the same two videos. The first two are from YouTube and if you see them that means either the FBI did not take down the News Now Houston channel as yet. The second two are copied onto our server and that is much more difficult for the FBI to get at. So if you think that will cause the FBI to go after Connecting the Dots, we think the same. Freedom is not free.


Videos from YouTube.



Copies on our server.

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