The newest breed of American heroes Part 6

Much has happened since we started this series at the beginning of the year. The heroes we highlighted along with many we have not have experienced attacks from corrupt officials, bad cops and other people who simply should not be public servants. On the bright side of things, the heroes have achieved significant court rulings, won huge settlements, but most important continue to provide an education to everyone about the rights set forth in the Constitution of the United States.

As an example we will talk about David at News Now Houston from Part 2 of this series. When we first interviewed him at the start of the year he had roughly 15,000 subscribers. As of the start of November he is just short of 40,000 subscribers and will likely be at or near 50,000 by the end of the year. That translates into huge influence when an auditor asks subscribers to call government officials about the behavior of a police officer or other public servant. As other auditors will likely mirror the request on their YouTube channels, there is the easy potential of tens of thousands of phone calls being made to complain about the behavior of someone who violated the rights of an auditor. The thing that gets this all started is called a Tyrant Alert. If it is an extreme case a call to action is issued along with the tyrant alert.

Another phenomenon is there are dozens of new channels of auditors since the start of the year. It is hard to estimate how many subscribers there are collectively as several subscribers subscribe to multiple channels. At this time we think that number to be between 0.5 and 1.0 million. That is a lot of phone calls, comments on Facebook and every other option available.

It gets even stickier if the offending group has an official Facebook page. When people make complaints on that Facebook page that are later deleted by the recipient of the complaints, that is destruction of public records and that is a whole new crime. This is also another demonstration of how laws, rights and other things have become ignored over time. The heroes of this series are simply looking to restore that.

It seems no Government entity is immune including the FBI. There was one instance that News Now Houston was assaulted by the FBI in El Paso Texas, and resulted in a massive call flood to just about every FBI office across the country. That resulted in behavior changes in the FBI and a very big court case that has left no doubt the FBI will lose. The FBI was desperately trying to get that YouTube video removed, but that resulted in it getting mirrored dozens of times on other channels. We even felt motivated by this so we placed a copy on our server and highlighted it with an entry called “Rights under attack by the FBI”. Note if the FBI wants to take this copy down, they will simply spawn dozens of new activists and ultimately be self-defeating. That is reflective of the arrogant behavior of some officials who ignore the rights of people and view the US Constitution as some irrelevant old document.

In a case known as Turner v Driver that was heard in the fifth circuit court, it was clearly established that filming the police is legal and that the police will lose their qualified immunity if they attempt to interfere. What that means is the money comes out of the cop’s pocket and not the municipality or whoever they work for. Seeing that the average settlement usually has 5 zeros following the integer, it is a significant behavior modifier. That ruling was handed down in February 2017, and Turner is another auditor and hero who we have not interviewed.

At the moment when News Now Houston publishes a video, it is almost immediately taken down by YouTube to be reviewed. That is clearly coming from a complaint to YouTube from the people who want to hide their bad behavior encouraging the automatic review. The video is usually back up in a few hours after it has been reviewed. That has the effect that banned books have, people want to know why it was taken down and that just adds more subscribers because it happens regularly. It can be compared to wiggling in quicksand, the more you wiggle the deeper you go.

All and all the Heroes are having success as the area of influence grows. Police are respecting people’s rights but will still test people. People that know their rights should be fine. People that don’t know their rights will continue to be violated. The bottom line is know your rights and stand up for them.

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