Ten years on

It is hard to believe we are 10 years old today, and how time has changed. Our first story is just as relevant today as the day we published it. So what has changed and where are we is the information we want to cover in this entry.

Admittedly we are not doing daily entries like we did early on, and the reasons are the same. For Thailand’s politics, well for the moment that is still in the oven and really will not have much on that until after their elections. At the moment it is a 100% Thai thing and watching silently from the side is the best sport for that topic at the moment.

As for US politics, trying to write about Donald Trump and his madness is like running around in your front yard trying to catch all the rain drops in a coffee cup, it is not going to happen. There are way too many threads on various scandals ranging from who he slept with, who he paid off, and who has him by the balls in Russia.

As for other topics, at the moment there has not been enough that comes to the level we should write about. Add to that in 10 years free time has also found a smaller container. None the less, when it comes time for us to get back to talking about tomorrow’s news today we will be back.


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