Use #METOO and risk being single for life

Nature has provided warning signs to stay away from certain species or risk harm or death. It would seem the #METOO warning sign has evolved into human signaling without any indication of trigger parameters.

Rattlesnakes have a very distinct audio warning to stay away, as does the red hourglass marking on a Black Widow spider. Scorpions, centipedes, hornets and more also signal stay away because they don’t play well with others.  In fact we are taught by elders what to avoid and the consequences of ignoring such warnings.

So enter #METOO that more or less is the red hourglass of the Black Widow spider who kills the male after attempted mating, hence the origins of the name widow. As #METOO stands directly in the path of nature’s programming to seek to mate, alternative choices that do not display the #METOO warning will prosper. As humans have enough brain power to decide on a female who is not displaying #METOO, and the tools of social media to warn other males of the #METOO wheedling females, you start to see how the title of this entry starts to make sense.

So the wonderful feeling of YES Associated with the weapon of #METOO will be eventually replaced with reality of having a red hourglass warning and no chances for a date. The desire to mate and the desire to survive are both primal instincts humans have. Seeing that staying alive to mate another day is how things will process in the human male mind, the cause and effect of #METOO becomes obvious. Interfere with nature and become extinct. If there is any doubt of that just Google climate change predicted impact on humans.

Now that is not to say #METOO is wrong as it does bring to light how sex is so intertwined in culture and shortcuts to the top. However deciding on that shortcut path is totally elective. Using #METOO simply says off limits forever, and that too is totally elective. That leaves the third option.


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