2018 in review

If you did not raise your eyebrows in 2018 with things going on as they were, you may have been in a coma. From the disintegration of Donald Trump, to journalists being murdered, to everything else coming off the rails, 2018 will go down as a year of firsts where good vs bad took center stage.

Starting off with US politics, it is looking more like anyone Donald Trump touches needs to lawyer up. It is so bad that jobs like chief of staff are avoided simply because it spells trouble. Huge vacancies in the State Department and so on.  The US government looks more like Swiss cheese than an anchor of democracy.

In Thailand, the long political drought is coming to an end. Efforts to deal with corrupt politicians are in place, and the first word out of the corrupt politician’s mouths are amend those corruption stopping laws out of existence and return to the status quo. In other words undo everything that was done after the military took over. That is to set all back to September 18, 2006 when laws favored the corrupt.

We have seen American journalist murdered for suggesting more democratic reform take place in Saudi Arabia.

We have seen the greenhouse gas CO2 start to climb again despite efforts to stop it. Either the same greed that got us here is ramping up again, or the changes to stop it are falling short. Chances are a combination of both.

We have lost iconic and influential people in 2018. Steven Hawking was perhaps the most influential and what was running in his mind was both influence and impacts our understanding of what makes what be what.

In short 2018 was a year that taught us many things and how to be less complacent.

By Richard on December 28, 2018 · Posted in Commentary, Nature, Politics, Saudi Arabia, Technology, Thailand, United States, Weather


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