Whiffs of US civil war on the horizon Part 1

Over the past 18 plus years there has been subtle but cumulative pressure growing inside the United States. It is bad enough that this could be naturally occurring, but in this case there is clear signs of external influence pushing things in that direction. With that said there can be only two possible outcomes and they are reverse the pressure, or let pressure build until things explode.

Connecting the Dots has a reputation of knowing what is coming. We consistently have been correct between 75% and 80% of the time in predicting future events. However in this case we certainly hope our accuracy misses the mark. We also have let our keyboard rest for some time mostly because there wasn’t much we felt worthy of the time. However if there is a possibility the United States could go to war with itself, we felt it was time to offer our heads up as we always have done.

In this series we will look at the primary contributing causes to conflict both domestic and abroad, and let you see if you can see the same dots we see.

If we could pick a day when all of this started, we would have to say September 12, 2001 is day one. On that day The USA was reacting to the 9-11 terrorist attack the day before. Only a few alert Americans saw the potential of attacks on American soil. All the dots were there, however as things often happen in government, those people on point with their eyes open were seen as alarmists and quietly dismissed. This is just as the Chinese Doctor who tried to sound the alarm of the Wuhan Coronavirus was.

The First Dot Government intrusion into private lives

While Americans were still in shock about the 9-11 terrorist attacks the Government started to take action to avoid another attack. Part of that was the Patriot Act that came into law October 26, 2001. At that time Americans were OK with giving up a bit of privacy in exchange for security. It wasn’t until 2013 when Edward Snowden showed the world just how overly intrusive the US Government had become in everyone’s lives, and that was much more than just a bit. The expected psychological impact was mistrust of Government and a sense of violation in that the Government knew things about you that you wouldn’t tell your mother.

The Second Dot Birth of Department of Homeland Security

Just over a year later the Department of Homeland Security was born with all the best intentions. Although this is not a major dot, it does tend to rub many Americans the wrong way with how they interacted with the general public frequently infringing on people’s rights under the name of checking for terrorists. This included punishing people for doing constitutionally protected activities such as public photography and seeking to redress the government. People that did that were put on a terrorist watch list and in some cases they were banned from flying or worse.


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