Anti-vaxxers literally scared to death

When you are fooled into fearing the medicine that will help keep you alive by some convincing unqualified person, the results are no less unpleasant than deliberately trying to get infected. The only question that remains was the attempt to scare people malicious, or just some idiot who should be featured on the Darwin awards.

The attempt to scare people into avoiding beneficial things is a game played by psychopaths. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it brings some level of harm to their victims. This is well documented behavior of psychopaths that involves pathological lying. It is no different than a pedophile grooming a child for sexual abuse as it is all about control.

If enough people are scared, it easily becomes a weapon of war because it will have become a propaganda campaign. If some foreign government was to wage a misinformation campaign to weaken a country by forcing a shift in assets and reduction in military readiness, it is no less an impact than using banned biological weapons. Evidence of that would be a continuation of similar behavior of misinformation all designed to harm and or manipulate.

In any situation there is only a small qualified group of people despite other people with similar credentials. When people hear the title Doctor, most people think of medical doctors and probably the person they are most familiar with such as a family doctor who practices in general medicine. They will take care of most day to day ailments. They will also quickly send people to a specialist if the case is beyond their scope of expertise.

So just because a person has a Doctors degree doesn’t mean they are the ultimate expert in medicine. You would not want a gynecologist performing the work of an urologist despite it being in the same general part of the body. The same is true for you not wanting a dentist to be performing surgery on hemorrhoids despite it being another entrance to the inner body just like the mouth.

So when it comes to experts on vaccines the field is even smaller. Scientists and Doctors that exclusively work on vaccines are the only true experts. These Doctors don’t see patients. The only people they see are people in trials of the vaccine. The rest of the time they are chest deep in research and development. They are the only true experts when it comes to vaccines.

Listening to anyone else would be less than wise. However vaccine experts don’t speak in a language people other than Doctors can understand. They will talk data and statistics along with discussion of side effects using medical terms most people don’t understand.

Talking to the public is left to other Doctors who can bridge the translation gap. That doesn’t mean listen to a news anchor, what it means is hear it from the doctors themselves because miscommunication is way too easy if you are not a Doctor. If you are still not sure and suspect a political agenda, simply see what Doctors from other countries are saying. What is common is the truth. Doctors in country ‘B’ most likely don’t have a political agenda in country ‘A’.

And if you are still not sure, there is still the rest of the alphabet you can check as well. If you still are not sure after that, then you can probably fill out your application for the Darwin Awards.

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