Pandemics thrive on idiots

When it comes to disease control the first mistake is thinking it functions with compassion.  The second mistake is knowing that but acting like it does.

No need to cite the ongoing global pandemic by name as nearly everyone thinks or talks about it on a daily basis. All the daily precautions that include liters and liters of alcohol based hand sanitizers, face masks to limit the range of transmission, and social distancing have become the norm in this very active war with a microscopic virus that has a hobby of sadistically wanting to kill people by slow and painful suffocation.

If this virus was a person, both law enforcement and citizens would band together to bring an end to this psychopathic terror. People would take the needed precautions of not going out alone and being armed if possible as a matter of self-defense. Unfortunately that visual trigger is not there.

If you go back and check the news, every decision that has led to a spike in cases has been some sort of compromise. But like water, the virus will take full advantage of the smallest crack in preventative measures. It has no moral or ethical values, it has no compassion or empathy, and instead it simply acts like a psychopathic killer.

In some countries like the USA, the Constitution allows people to make a choice to use the preventative measures or not, and that right of freedom of choice is generally respected and admired around the world. But with any war be it biological or not, some things must temporarily be given up in order to win the war.

As with any war, weapons evolve to become more effective to bypass countermeasures. Not using weapons at all creates a situation that allows the enemy to thrive and diversify. In some states in the USA that have very low vaccination rates, those states have become a giant petri dish inviting mutation that ultimately will prolong the war.

So unfortunately this is not a war of gradients and compromise, it is a war of absolute. There can be no compromise and every weapon must be used to end this war quickly. There is no nuke, so everyone must do their part. This war the weapons are not guns, they are masks, social distancing, and all the other things being asked by the doctors that know. That includes rolling up your shirt sleeve and getting a vaccine to fight the virus. That is no less patriotic than whatever patriotic thing you can think of. Once this war is over you can add freedom fighter/patriot to your life’s accomplishments.

The virus has now become so contagious, it is no longer a matter of if you will get it, but simply a matter of when and how bad it will be. That fact is now very clear. The next mutation will no doubt be that much nastier if it isn’t stopped before that happens in a petri dish environment where vaccinations are low.

So simply the choice is carrying the banner of patriot or idiot.



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