• Global Warming and the very real Food Shortage

    I thought global warming would be a good place to start this blog. I think it is very important to consider what they are not telling us about how dire the situation really is. We have all heard about global warming and many if not all of us have had our lives influenced by it. One thing that I have noticed is the tipping point is much closer than people realize if we have not past it already. The tipping point as I define it is when nature will do what the politicians can’t or won’t because of greed or other such self indulgence.

    Less we forget we are all part of nature but in our ultimate arrogance as humans we see ourselves as above nature. We tamper with genetics and managed to mess up the planet in the relative blink of an eye. When nature does what nature does to bring back balance is it not subtle or politically correct. When something is out of balance nature will fix it as it has done for as long as anyone can remember.

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