About Connecting the Dots

Welcome to Connecting the Dots. The entire reason we are here is simply to stir the pot and get people thinking and perhaps angry enough to do something about things that are very wrong and ultimately self destructive. You will find no pulled punches here and plenty of in your face posts. Also attacking political correctness is high on the list of things to do as it has become a plague of intolerance. So simply if your are easily offended then please crawl back up inside your mothers womb as it is a place where you can feel safe from the real world that we all live in.

If you think this comes from anger, the answer is absolutely not. The intent is get people out of their content little vanilla Xanax induced world and do something about fixing the real world by simply pointing out what is really going on.

Take a look at the innocent faces of our children and then take a look at the real world and ask yourself do they deserve the mess we will leave them. When you do that you will know exactly where this blog is coming from.

As Connecting the Dots continues to evolve and find it’s place, Connecting the Dots is becoming more than just a name. Connecting the Dots has a developing reputation of predicting the future with a reasonable amount of accuracy about 75% of the time. The method used is closely related to methods used in criminal profiling in where efforts are made to predict where a repeat criminal will strike next. It is because of that uniqueness to look at the future and predict is why the popularity has soared.

You can expect an entry at least once a week and often sooner. Posting time will be shortly after 17:00 GMT (About 12:00 pm EST) (12:00 am Bangkok Time).

Connecting the Dots a political blog?

Well we try not to think so but the fact is politics provides a lot of material to write about that is of interest to our readers. Some countries provide more than others so we seem to focus on a few countries. But in reality all are fair game. We look to cover a lot of topics and our category list will give you some idea. In reality we try not to think of ourselves as a blog, but more as a source of future news and analysis.

Who Reads Connecting the Dots?

We can comfortably say just about anybody. We have noted that at least one Prime Minister reads us as well as some of the bad guys we find ourselves writing about. That simply says what we say is worth reading. Our ability to predict what will happen next no doubt is one of the reasons. On the other note we find ourselves wondering if we are just giving some sound ideas that are adopted by various government officials who read us. Because we offer a language translator we are seeing a significant number of readers from non English speaking countries as well. Based on the number of unique visits and the number of page views, we are already well on the way to being one of the more popular blogs with tens of thousands looking on every month.


Connecting the Dots has encountered some passive global censorship. Certain posts are not listed in search engines although you can still see them if you know where to look. As a result Connecting the Dots has decided to password protect some posts. To see these posts and to get the passwords you need register with us. When the post is published we will send you the password by e-mail. There is no charge or fee for signing up. To sign up look in the right column in the META section. Should you have any problems signing up please send an email to admin@preapism.com and we will enter you manually.


We have decided that there are too many to list here. So instead just mouse over each category for its description.

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