Global Warming and the very real Food Shortage

I thought global warming would be a good place to start this blog. I think it is very important to consider what they are not telling us about how dire the situation really is. We have all heard about global warming and many if not all of us have had our lives influenced by it. One thing that I have noticed is the tipping point is much closer than people realize if we have not past it already. The tipping point as I define it is when nature will do what the politicians can’t or won’t because of greed or other such self indulgence.

Less we forget we are all part of nature but in our ultimate arrogance as humans we see ourselves as above nature. We tamper with genetics and managed to mess up the planet in the relative blink of an eye. When nature does what nature does to bring back balance is it not subtle or politically correct. When something is out of balance nature will fix it as it has done for as long as anyone can remember.

At the moment the human heard that infests this planet is growing way too big and causing too much damage. We are already starting to see the beginning of nature’s adjustments to restore balance with this sudden global food shortage. Who saw it coming and why is everyone suddenly taken by surprise? The answer is we did see it coming but did not expect it this soon. Our best scientist are doing their best to figure out when things like this will happen as the planet heats up. However seeing as they have no real template to work from, being wrong is to be expected.

Taking into consideration of rising fuel prices that add to the cost of everything, it becomes a one two punch effecting the very poor. That is just another example of human growth and China’s huge influence on the planet with it’s massive population.

The poorer countries will feel it first as we are seeing on the news the poorest being reduced to eating mud cookies. Global warming is already having an effect on our food supplies with reduced crops and some fish species. The price for rice is a a record high and that has little to do with fuel prices. That simply has to do with nature not cooperating and only allowing reduced crops.

A few excerpts from the news,

High prices likely for ten years

A top economics professor yesterday predicted rice prices will stay high in the next decade, making it necessary for the government to find new measures to help poor people cope with the crisis.

Dr Somporn Issavilanont of Kasetsart University, said high farm commodity prices had resulted from bio-fuel policies in the US and European Union.

In addition, global rice stock had fallen to 60 million tonnes last year from 140 million tonnes in 2001.

Somporn said farm prices should remain in an up-trend at least for 3-5 years during which demand for bio-fuels is expected to remain strong.

For a 10 year prediction it can only mean that they simply don’t expect to produce enough globally. That does not sound like just expecting a bad year. This is just another dot showing how close that tipping point is or possibly we have already passed it.

I can recall population bursts of rodents or insects or whatever then suddenly they were gone. What happened was they consumed all available food and then died of starvation only leaving the strongest to survive. Sound familiar? Ask Darwin about that one. If you think that won’t happen to us, well think again. I have no doubt many of the people alive today will soon face this reality and I am not only talking about the very young. I expect inside 5 years the trend will be painfully obvious and in 10 years the cruel reality of nature will be very obvious as nature will have started to thin the human heard. Simply nature will do what nature does.

There is already in the news that some governments may fall because of food riots. The suggestion is the corrupt greedy governments will fall first and this also sounds a bit of Darwin if you look at it in that light. After that the more developed countries will feel the hunger as society continues to come unraveled as our survival instincts become more dominant in our day to day thinking. Take your pick of any post apocalyptic movie and you can begin to see how things will become when people are driven by hunger.

Now some of you will say things to calm yourself and reach for that bottle of pills that makes everything alright and OK, while others will do something. Well there is no doubt in my mind the people that reach for that bottle of pills will be some of the first to go because they simply cant cope leaving only the most fit to do what they can. Wow, I seem to be coming back to Darwin here again. If you are that mentally frail then certainly you do not have what it takes to survive.

So the bottom line here is to get off your ass and let your government know what the reality is. They wont verify this because they know the fallout will sent society into a tail spin. If you doubt that then think what happened the last time the lights went out in a big city. They will deny all of it saying it is all your imagination hoping to convince you things are just fine. All it takes is to connect the dots here to see what I say is very likely correct. The time for asking is done, the time for demanding is here. Even if we stop the damage now we as a species are in for a rough ride. This is a bit like turning the Titanic, it takes time before you see the results and some times it is too late. I truly feel sorry for our children.

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