The age of consent, pedophiles and nature’s calling

By law the age of consent can be from 12 to 21 depending on where you are on the planet. The low end of the scale at 12 can be found in places like the Philippines to Madagascar’s high end of 21. In the USA the range is from 14 to 18. However with that inconsistent range of nine years one has to wonder why the age of consent laws exist. Very simply the laws were intended to allow some mental maturing in the young adults before becoming parents. After all, sex is all about making babies and not necessarily about making love.

On average at 13 years old, it is about the earliest a female can become pregnant. At that age the body has already taken on many of the adult features such as breast development along with a few other curves. The reason this happens at this age is because our natural life span is about 50 years if you remove all modern medicine. Essentially humans have not evolved much if at all from the time we were living in caves hoping for a lightning strike to make a fire. So having babies early was all about survival of the species. We also had to deal with other things that cause high mortality rates back then like conflicts otherwise known as wars and still being part of the food chain while on land. Being part of the food chain while in water still is true today.

So now that brings up the point that no age of consent laws go to ages before child bearing years. Younger than that is where the true meaning of pedofile takes hold. Simply meaning if a person is too young to make babies, then they are too young for sex. This is reflected by the extremely aggressive behavior towards people who seek sex from children. This too is part of nature as we are programmed to protect our young from predators.

So this brings into conflict the laws of man with the laws of nature. If a person has consensual sex with someone younger than the age of consent but is still capable of having a baby, by man’s law he or she may be given the wonderful title of ‘sex offender’ and labeled a pedofile. However if this same sexual act is judged by natures law, it is normal and expected. So to satisfy man’s law people must repress their natural desires and for some people that is easier than others. The people that cave in to this natural desire are promptly punished by jail and placed on a sex offenders list for all to see and be haunted with the rest of their lives.

Some of you are reading this and saying it is wrong, and others are saying it is right. Regardless of right or wrong, it is nature. We adults have all at one time or another have seen some young person who was very sexually attractive and felt some level of sexual desire towards that person, later to find out that person has not reached the age of consent and is the forbidden fruit.

Then you look around and see sex in advertizing every place you look targeting younger and younger crowds, dangling this bait before our eyes taunting us to take a taste. This clearly expresses that the law of nature does not care at all about man’s consent laws as nature actually drove us to make those sexy advertisements. We acknowledge that fact as those sexy advertisements are profitable and effective. People that think sex is wrong or dirty need to see a therapist.

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