Hold on one second sweetie

The fact that this even found it’s way to the media shows what a fanatical state political correctness has achieved. As I said political correctness is truly for politicians and Barack Obama is a politician. The sad thing is society is mimicking this absurd level.

Calling a woman reporter “sweetie” on the most politically correct campaign in American history was never going to be a smart move.

But embarrassed Barack Obama said last night he just couldn’t help himself.

The Democrat frontrunner didn’t dare get so familiar with rival Hillary Clinton.

But he apologized for his “bad habit” last night after asking a TV reporter on the campaign trail to “hold on one second, sweetie”.

Peggy Agar, who works for ABC, had shouted a question as Mr Obama toured a recession- hit car plant, asking: “How are you going to help the American auto workers?”

It was only later Mr Obama realized his brush-off was going to land him in trouble.

Miss Agar said she had been called worse but she still got back to the office to find an apologetic phone message from the Illinois senator.

“That’s a bad habit of mine,” he said. “I do it sometimes with all kinds of people. I mean no disrespect.”

It was the second time he had been caught using the word – he used it last month referring to a factory worker.

The rumpus underlined the politically correct line the candidates must navigate on the road to the presidency but it is unlikely to dent Mr Obama’s popularity.

Yesterday, it emerged he was considering vanquished presidential candidate John Edwards as his running mate for the White House.

Obama aides fear a much vaunted ticket with Mrs Clinton running for vice-president would quickly become a nightmare.

Her victory in West Virginia on Tuesday prompted speculation she might fight the presidential election at his side.

But Mr Edwards has spent much of his political career championing the same white working-class voters Mr Obama is desperate to woo.

The news came as Mr Obama criticized George Bush for appearing to compare his foreign policy to appeasement of the Nazis.

The President blasted Mr Obama for saying he would be willing to meet leaders of hostile nations.

The Illinois senator said he had never supported “engagement with terrorists”.

Personally I see sweetie as a compliment and a way to address a person who’s name may not be at the tip of your tongue. However if he said other words like ‘bitch’, or ‘you fat sow’ I can see this story going places. It truly is a sad state we find ourselves in if this actually makes news. I can’t imagine what the story would be if a politician had to pass gas. I can see the headlines now “He Farted!”

On the other extreme we have the Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej who attacks reporters who press him with questions he does not like. This sharp tongued politician has just come out and asked female reporters who annoyed him with questions, ‘Who did you seep with last night and was it any good?’ all meant to divert the question he did not like. This happened several times while he was campaigning for office and yes even after that he was elected. Two entirely different worlds of politics. Politicians from other countries that are less politically correct must be having a good belly laugh at the Americans.

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