Burma’s junta angers the world

What the junta in Burma is doing to the people who suffered the brunt of the May 2 cyclone can only be described as inhumane. Animals in the USA are treated with better respect and caring than the people of Burma. Telling the people in the delta to go and eat frogs to survive says a lot.

The question remains what to do about the clearly mentally ill junta. The Xenophobia that the junta clearly has, has now gone well beyond just putting down protests with bullets to not even caring about the basic needs of the Burmese people who have suffered a head on assault by nature. Sending the people from the camps back to their homes where there is 0% protection from the disease that is yet to come. Add to that the propaganda that the junta is spewing to the people about international aid workers being spies is just beyond belief.

This no doubt ranks among the 10 top crimes against humanity in the past 100 years. The eventual outcome of this can only be more disastrous than it already is. With 134,000 already gone, the toll looks to be much higher as there are millions of people that will now further suffer from lack of the most basic needs.

From a military point of view going in to Burma to rout out the junta does not look likely and the junta sees this and is just not crossing that line. However a more CIA type of approach is probably already well underway. With the present mental state of the junta, just the suggestion that they have been infiltrated with operatives looking to take them out may cause a phobic meltdown and they will start shooting their own officers. This will have the effect of the junta taking themselves out when their own military starts shooting back. As ironic as it sounds this may be the best solution. The people will no doubt rally behind the military who is shooting at the junta and the country will simply implode. When the shooting is over bodies like the UN can come in to bring stability.

The fact that the cyclone was a catalyst that launched this heightened phobic response and put Burma’s junta on the front page may have already triggered this meltdown. Their private evil world was suddenly thrust to nearly every front page of every newspaper world wide and that alone is very disturbing as all their dirty laundry is out for the world to see. The next few months will show where this is going and if the end of Burma’s junta is near.

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