Children of the Dead

They walk aimlessly scared, in shock and hungry. Nature and Burma’s junta have provided a fresh crop of young children in Burma ready to be exploited in every imaginable way.

There is no doubt that the newly orphaned children will be exploited into the sex trade, made into slaves and child labor and or worse. The problem is little can be done inside the borders of Burma to stop this. The very private chat boards of pedophiles must be buzzing with activity as they plan trips to that part of the world to sample the newest harvest of young blood.

There is no doubt that Burma’s Junta has contributed to this by their long phobic delay. With every wasted hour more children are scooped up with the promise of food and shelter unknowing what fate awaits them. For the children it may be the only choice they have as their stomachs are knotted with hunger. Nobody will miss them as people will have no way to prove if they are dead or not. As far as anyone can tell they may have been swept out to sea with the retreating tidal surge.

The destination of these children can be anywhere and without parents to miss them they simply will fall between the cracks and disappear. As sad as this sounds it is a reality.

Groups that search for and help exploited children will simply be overwhelmed by the huge numbers of children involved. With 78,000 dead and 56,000 still marked as missing one can imagine the numbers of children involved.

So is this act of nature to be the blame, or is it Burma’s Junta’s lack of action? Certainly this does not win any points with them on the global stage with their long delay. It is inherent in all of us to protect our young no matter where we are from as it is instinctual. The question is what will the fallout be for the junta.

The fallout from this is just starting and people will start to take more notice in a few months as People in the delta try to return to some type of normalcy. For now missing children are just that, missing children. Once this becomes front page news, Burma’s junta will have to face the parent side of the people from other countries and not the professional side they are now facing. To be seen as feeding the child sex trade in anyway will certainly lead to more problems for Burma’s junta. If Burma’s xenophobic junta thinks the world is out to get them, after this that may be more fact than fiction.

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