Deeper into the abyss of drugs Part 1

With the price of oil having flirted with $135.00 per barrel, the western lifestyle is about to change and some will not be able to cope. Standing at the pump watching your wallet empty as your tank fills a mini van full of screaming children, stress and anxiety start to become the norm of the new reality. No problem just take another Xanax and somehow things will seem better. At some point not too far from now things will just snap and hiding from the reality with prescription drugs will not be enough as people reach maximum dosage and develop resistance.

Some time ago insurance companies decided that drugs were cheaper than therapy and their stock holders could make more money with the countryside full of people on drugs. Coping skills to live in today’s world are not something we are born with. They must be taught by a professional and tailored for each persons situation. A psychologist or clinical hypnotherapist would be the first choice in learning coping skills. Because the insurance companies felt their profit was more important, society is about to be filled with dysfunctional people because they can’t make ends meet as the cost of energy consumes more and more of available funds. People living in cars will become more common as they can no longer pay the bills or buy food. People will suffer mental breakdowns as the drugs can’t hide the reality that the window you are looking out belongs to a car or van and not a bedroom and the knot in your stomach is because you did not eat. That is a far cry from just a few years ago. The people on drugs never saw this coming, but that is what drugs do, hide reality.

Benzodiazepine is one of the most addictive substances and it is one of the most prescribed. Withdrawal can take up to two years. There are some very successful programs that make use of hypnosis to compensate for the withdrawal symptoms and shorten the time significantly. The natural production of endorphins caused by hypnosis offsets the withdrawal symptoms. Just Google ‘getting off antidepressants hypnosis’ to see more on that. The effects of benzodiazepine withdrawal simply make things seem worse than they are. With things very bad already it would not be much surprise at all to see a drastic increase in suicides and or overdoses as people further try to hide from reality as they go beyond what their body can tolerate. Keep that insurance company bottom line in mind here as millions of people get ready to face hell head on.

So all the wonderful antidepressant names that have found their way into our lives like Xanax, Valium, Prozac, Wellbutrin will now become the wolf in sheep’s clothing as the need to cope becomes necessity and hiding from it simply will not be enough any more. With stress and anxiety at wholesale levels, mental meltdown becomes a real reality. Is there any wonder why the political correct movement is so strong. The desire to reproduce that drug world without drugs is clearly a factor by the millions addicted. Unfortunately like drugs, it has nothing to do with reality and appeasement with political correctness for the people on drugs is nearing it’s limits as political correctness itself may be forcing more people on drugs.

That brings us back full circle to the insurance companies decision to not pay for the therapy to learn the coping skills. Spelling this out in no uncertain terms spells disaster. If this is starting to sound like a nightmare in real life, you would be right.

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