Deeper into the abyss of drugs Part 2

So now we are faced with the dilemma that entire countries will become psychiatric wards as people simply go past the tipping point of being functional. So now what to do.

Well the first step would be to call your lawyer. If you have been blinded to the fact you have been taken down a road of ill fate, you should get some compensation. The idiom an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure certainly applies here. If the insurance companies were not so much into greed, these people would have a fighting chance to make a difference. The drugs simply made people complacent when they needed to be actively involved is was what the doctor really wanted to order.

The next step would become more actively involved in politics to the point of being a nuisance to your elected government. If you will recall your politicians will not do what you want unless you tell them. Also be very aware the right thing to do will most likely not be politically correct so suck it up and get it done. Weighing hurting someone’s feelings or seeing your life disintegrate are the options here. Understand that the drugs you have been given will make it very difficult to do this.

The changing of your life style is a necessity so get use to it. Giving up the independence of your car for a car pool or other transportation is the reality of today. However only big cities have adequate infrastructure for sufficient public transportation. Smaller cities like Hartford Connecticut, the public transportation is a joke. However a city like Bangkok Thailand and you could be like Spiderman and go from one end of the city to the other on tops of public transportation and never touch the ground. Building this solid form of transportation takes time. However before today’s world it was never popular as everyone who cared had a car.

Seek professional help to get off the drugs handed to you by doctors under the influence of insurance companies. Push for laws that force insurance companies to do the right thing and stop making puppets of doctors. Simply put the control where it belongs. Get yourself off the drugs and learn to cope is step 1. That will be the most difficult as the withdrawal can be a long process. Seeking the help of professionals to regain control of your drug clouded mind will be a necessity and not an option for most.

Look to become more independent. A good start is grow your own food. At least that will dampen the effect of high food prices due to global food shortages and energy costs getting the food to market.

Learn new skills that make you marketable. Don’t be afraid to move to where you can market yourself even if it is to another country.

Stand up for yourself and don’t whine. Whining never achieved anything, however action does. If it means being politically incorrect then do it.

People are where we are today because they either acted like sheep or wolves. To take charge of your life requires you to drive and not be a passenger. Things will not get better overnight and will take months and years to correct the path of the sheep. Follow behind professionals who do have your best interest in mind and will help you to do what it takes to make things right.

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