Virgin Galactic Suborbital Carrier Nearing Rollout

A new dawn of travel is waiting for those who can afford it. Be the first on you block to fly in space.

Virgin Galactic is anticipating a July rollout of its’ jet carrier aircraft, WhiteKnightTwo, which will carry the passenger/crew spacecraft SpaceShipTwo up to a release altitude of about 50,000 feet (15,240 meters). They believe that WhiteKnightTwo will be conducting flight trials in September, barring any major complications. That spaceport in New Mexico better get crackin’ or they’ll be left behind.

“WhiteKnightTwo is the world’s most advanced payload carrier. It has the best fuel efficiency of any aircraft ever built in history. It is the world’s first 100 percent carbon composite aircraft … 100 percent minus the blades and undercarriage,” Whitehorn pointed out. “Even the control wires are carbon composite … a first in aviation … and a patented technology.”

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