Zimbabwe poised to mimic Philippines

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe is doing his best not to lose power by making the elections unfair and not credible. However the repeat of Philippine history of the contest between Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino is very likely in Zimbabwe.

Because of the significant loss leading to the upcoming elections, there is enough momentum to carry the same ousting that Marcos experienced. It is a forgone conclusion that 1 of 2 things will happen. Either the results will be rigged showing Robert Mugabe won the election, or Robert Mugabe will declare the election invalid if he loses. Either situation will start a domino effect that will no doubt be bloody.

The first domino falling will be when the people see that the so called democratic election is now a farce. That will cause tempers to rise and feed a mob mentality. People will gather momentum from each other the same as the Philippines. Simply Robert Mugabe risks motivating the people in mass if he does not step down.

What Robert Mugabe is doing now is setting the fuel for his downfall by intimidating the people and dashing their hopes of democracy. However this is an act of desperation by Mugabe similar to that of a cornered animal and any act of violence will not be off the table. Zimbabwe will be a place to watch for the next several weeks.

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