He is 53 she is 18 Part 2

Continuing from part one; the acceptance or not acceptance of big age differences between couples is based on several factors. In some cases younger women are a threat to the older women for fear of being replaced, and in other cases it simply comes from some form of ignorance.

Taking time to examine two Asian countries and how they perceive the age difference and why it is accepted as normal. The countries are The Philippines that is primarily Catholic, and Thailand that is primarily Buddhist.

Looking at the Philippines you will find a country filled with poverty and corruption. Outside of that the usual spattering of Muslim groups running around with guns seeking some sort of Jihad.

That brings us to the social structure. Generally speaking older men are seen as more secure financially and less likely to run around jumping in bed with every cute women they can find. Trust me there are a lot of them in the Philippines. With English being a second language it is fairly easy to get around and communicate. The Philippines also has a naughty nightlife in a few places but nothing can match what Thailand has to offer in that department, but that is another story for the future.

Getting back on track from part 1, Tom’s wife saw in Tom that he was attractive in his personality and that he was secure financially. Looks makes little difference to these filipina women, as it is what’s inside that counts. The fact that Tom is attractive was simply an added bonus for her. It made no difference to her that Tom was just a few years younger than her 45 year old father. She saw an opportunity to make her life and the lives of her family better. Her family saw only the financial gain of having an American son-in-law as Tom was later to find out. But what is that to stand in the way of love and she was more than happy to give up her virginity to him on their wedding night.

As in many Asian countries respect and gaining face is very important. For a filipina taking care of her husband is her top priority. She will cook his meals and even go so far as to cut up his steak for him to show how much she cares about him. Western women may just point at the freezer and the microwave and say ‘help yourself.’ All the little simple enjoyable amenities become part of life. Her second priority is to her family for some sort of financial assistance and how that is worked out between her and her husband can be another story too.

So age difference is not seen as wrong in Asia but as right. To see western men with a women decades younger on their arm is seen as status by both sides. For the man it has a wonderful effect on his ego and his libido. For the woman she feels a sense of security and higher status.

As for any harm to come of this union of decades none has yet to be seen. Once the culture and age gap is bridged not much can stand it their way except some people in society trying to suggest it is wrong and place a label on the couple. That part is saved for part 4 of this series.

Next Part 3 will cover Thailand and how it greatly differs from the Philippines. This is a 4 part series.

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