He is 53 she is 18 Part 3

Continuing from part two; Connecting with a Thai woman is a different experience totally from the Philippines, or at least it can be. Thai culture makes many different allowances for relationships, however Thailand being Thailand, people soon discover why it is called ‘The Land of Smiles.’ If you have ever been to Thailand you already know what part 3 is all about. If not, sit back and smile.

There is a Chinese saying that for every ten men that go to Thailand, eleven want to stay. It goes without saying how beautiful and attractive Thai women are. In Thailand unlike the Phillippines appearance is everything. Some Thais may be poor as church mice, but you would never know it by how they dress. The Thai women that have some money tucked away may opt for a trip under the knife. Thailand is a common destination for inexpensive surgery, and even with today’s high cost of flying it is much cheaper to fly to Thailand to see a Plastic surgeon for a boob job than to get one in the states. At the exchange rate now they start at about $2000.00. So if a Thai woman was not cute enough already, you should see what they look like with a new front end.

As Thai culture evolved over the years, women were finding their ways into money and security with use of their feminine charms. Thai men may have one wife and several minor wives. Most of the wives were much younger then the man. It was a way of getting financial security. If the man could afford a minor wife, he certainly could support her. For the man it was a form of showing off financial status and sexual bragging rights. So from the word go, age differences in Thailand are seen as very normal.

As with the Philippines western men are seen as a prize possession by the Thai women for many reasons. One of the first reason is Thai men do not treat their women very well when compared to western men and rarely take responsibility. It is not uncommon for a Thai man to get a woman pregnant and just up and leave, thus leaving her to bring up the child alone. Bangkok is filled with single mothers. Also western men tend to be rich by Thai standards were the average wage per month may be only a few hundred US dollars. Fill up your SUV twice and you probably have spent her whole months pay.

Sex is built into Thai culture and that is opposite of the Philippines. As a result of that if you consider the nightlife in Thailand, it is truly one of the wildest you can imagine. There is one whole town of about 100,000 people that simply runs on that. That town is called Pattaya and from the story Pinocchio, Pattaya is equal to pleasure Island of you are just looking for a romp, however not the place to go if you are looking for a Thai wife. Pattaya happens to be one of the places those single moms may work to raise her child alone because dad decided to take a hike and not come back. Once again this if food for another thread.

So for a western man to spend any time at all in Thailand, he can expect to be questioned if he is single and available. Once a relationship starts the Thai woman will pour her heart into the relationship, and as sex is so much a part of the Thai culture inside a relationship you can start to see the charm of the Thais. This is not to say that Thai women are subservient, it is just that they truly do all they can to please their man and sex is a big part of that. This differs from The filipina mostly because of religion. Filipina women will most likely wait until the wedding night before starting the sexual part of the relationship.

So all and all to see a big difference in ages in Asia is normal, however in the west it is still under attack and that will be covered in part 4 of this 4 part series.

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