He is 53 she is 18 Part 4

Continued from part 3, Now taking a look at the social response in the west to a man married to a woman who could very well be younger than his daughter. The man faces a lot of ridicule in the west simply because people are closed minded.

I don’t want to say that this is part of political correctness simply because this thinking was around long before the politically correct movement started. This thinking is actually a remnant of the interracial marriage dispute of the 1960’s that you can only marry your own kind.

There are several factors that this age spread can cause and at the very least it can cause gossip. Certainly the guys are jealous particularly if they are married to an overweight woman with a bad attitude. Add to that if there marriage is on the rocks, it can certainly give them something very positive to look forward to. So generally speaking men have a positive outlook at this and tend to dream they are in the same boat.

On the other hand western women feel threatened by all of this. They have spent the last 20 plus years basically getting their men pussy whipped and properly trained, and now all of that is about to go out the window. When a man is married to an Asian women he can once again be a man, and not have to worry about all the manipulation western women manage. When an Asian woman would do something for her man that he did not ask for just to make her man happy, the western woman would take the position ‘What’s in it for me?’ before she even considered doing something to make her man happy.

Western women will feel upset when they read this and I am sure they will make a fuss about it. Simply by making a fuss about it only proves my point because it appears I am not properly trained or pussy whipped. Is that statement rude and politically incorrect? Absolutely yes. Is it the truth? Yes, but there may be some small percentage of western women that don’t act that way. If and when I find them I will let you know.

The other attack men who have young wives in the west may get is the accusation that they are some sort of pedofile. Although the definition does not apply, the insinuation is there. That is particularly so from people who have never visited Asia and have not a clue what life is like in other parts of the world. That part can certainly be played up in the political correctness game if used around people who are sheep and can’t think for themselves.

That leaves people in the west and particularly so in the USA once again looking arrogant to the rest of the world. The we know best attitude certainly splashes mud. Not every place is Orange County California.

That leaves us finally at the fact men do prefer women who don’t have an attitude. They also enjoy the thought of having a young attractive wife. Is there any wonder why internet introduction services do so well when Asian women express the desire to meet a western man on that service. Western women simply don’t even come close when compared to the beauty and personality of Asian women. Ask any man who has a young Asian wife and he will simply tell you he is the happiest man in the world, and particularly so if he is divorced from a western woman.

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