Scott McClellan the next Oliver North

It has been a long time since an insider has been willing to talk openly about topics that concern coverups. Scott McClellan may simply be the biggest thing to come along since Oliver North gave testimony to Congress.

On June 20 when Scott McClellan goes to testify to congress, seemingly he does not go to Nail the Bush administration to the wall, but more so to clear his own conscience that he may have been unknowingly the mouth piece to lies.

Certainly people of high moral character can relate to this. Certainly in the position Scott held it was not necessary or even advisable that he be given full security clearance. To do so Scott may have accidently said something to the media that could be a type of Pandora’s box. So to get hired for a job because of who you are and your reputation, only to be tarnished by others leaves the moral door wide open.

Looking at the continued volley of attacks on Scott by big names like Bob Dole and Karl Rove, they can provide no counter evidence to discredit Scott and only use the power of their own reputations to try to discredit Scott.

So when Scott goes to congress and begins to testify under oath, Scott can expect a variety of questions to test his character and to see if this is just some sort of revenge. Once Scott passes that part of the questioning, the meat of the questions will start. This no doubt will raise many more questions.

To get a true feel of what is going on, one eye and ear should be on Scott, and the other eye and ear on what is going on in the White house. How the White House responds and the intensity of their response will be a good clue as to how close to the nerve Scott’s answers are coming.

There is certainly some political gain to all of this, but more so in the arena of McCain vs Obama and for the most part they are outsiders as this issue is mostly in the executive branch of government and not the congressional branch.

The attack on Scott until the time he agreed to talk to congress was simply because it was politically incorrect to write such a book. The desire to attack Scott then is continued proof that excessive political correctness is indeed a psychiatric disorder where truth takes a back seat to being politically correct. Now it has shifted to a more serious note of possible criminal activity and deliberate coverup spewing out scapegoats and more lies to cover other lies.

In the interest of the government being transparent, this administration is obviously in need of a good glass cleaner, and Scott may just have the cleaner and squeegee that is needed.

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