Nuts with Nukes

The term MAD short for “Mutually Assured Destruction” Was coined from the Cold war with people who appeared to have their heads on straight. Only someone insane would fire a nuke at another country. Now with the chance that some countries who’s leaders are for lack of a better term ‘mentally unstable’ have or are in the process of getting Nuclear weapons underscore MAD with a more serious reality.

It is difficult to say one can feel comfortable when some leaders spew the words Jihad and martyr regularly in speeches and public comments. It does not take someone with a degree in Psychology to see these people have issues, and that is a very uncomfortable thought for many.

There are others not in the government of any country who would simply love to get their hands on a nuke. The first name that comes to mind is Osama bin Laden, and certainly he would not hesitate at all to set off a nuke in the biggest population center he could find. Once again not a pleasant thought.

So little options remain except for some sort of preemptive strike to halt the production of nuclear weapons. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would object to taking matches away from a child, so taking nukes from a nut falls in the common sense category.

Depending on how you sift through the news you will hear all kinds of spin. The most recent noted that Iran was or was not disclosing all their nuclear activities depending on who you listen to. In a situation like this common sense once again says error on the safe side, even if the people who are saying Iran is not disclosing all are the same people who said Saddam Hussein was making weapons of mass destruction.

So assuming the day ever comes that Iran has a nuclear weapon (although I don’t think it will get that far because someone will simply drop bombs again on their nuclear facilities before that time) the landscape will change and someone will drop bombs (possibly nukes) on them because they have acted so crazy with their rhetoric, fantasies about reality namely the Holocaust and their actions. Simply they are viewed as too unstable to fear MAD so a preemptive strike is the only option. There is a saying that ‘One should never argue with a madman because others may not be able to tell the two apart.’ Either way not a good idea for Iran to pursue nuclear weapons.

If you consider North Korea who already has nukes another dilemma is there. From a practical point of view if the North Korean rhetoric gets too far off reality or acceptable behavior in the global position of sanity, Nukes will rain on North Korea too. Publically what the USA says is very different from the true thoughts are. With the arrogance of the USA it does not take much to see where there true thoughts are.

But this is not about arrogance, this is much more primal as it is deeply rooted in the survival instincts of humans. Bottom line is if they nuts get too nutty, someone with nukes will plant mushrooms in their garden.

2 Responses to Nuts with Nukes

  1. Jack Dawson says:

    This assessment on Irans’ nuclear weapons’ program sounds eerily similar to the right-wing, Neo-Con fascist sentiment that is shoved down Joe Averages’ throat every day of life through the U.S./British/Israel PR propaganda machine, aka mainstream media outlets, such as CNN and Fox News.

    What is rather refreshing is the fact that over 100 countries making up the NAM have just yesterday stated their full support for Irans’ sovereign right to pursue nuclear power.

    Or, could it be, that because they are NAM (Non-Aligned Members) that their opinions don’t count?

    The development of nuclear power for peaceful purposes is Irans’ sovereign right, just as it is the sovereign right of the good ol’ US of A (and Israel) to have nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. (Of course, Israel doesn’t have to ‘fess up……wonder why)

    Furthermore, Mohammed El-Baradei has more than once stated that Iran is in full compliance with the IAEA regarding their Nuclear Program and has promised to resign from his post in protest, if Iran was attacked. (You probably didn’t get that memo on CNN)

    If one is so naeive to think that any country ,including the U.S/ or their proxy regional puppet state lsrael is so incredibly foolish to even consider an attack on Iran, had better think twice. The consequences will be dire.

    And finally, before one talks about “raining nukes” down on North Korea, perhaps one should consider the fact that there are hundreds of North Korean missiles aimed directly at U.S. Military installations along the NorthKorea/South Korea border, at this moment, that happen to be home to over 30,000 U.S troops.

    So, just exactly who are the “nuts with nukes”?

  2. Dear Richard
    i am sure that you are you are as crazy as Bush is.
    Please, stop writing becuse from your article it is obvious that you are a single-minded person and you are as stupid as Bush is.
    Save your time to write better childrens’ stories.