Thailand’s government shows disrespect to Thais

Over the last two days, upper members of Thailand’s Government have shown disrespect to everyone except themselves. With very outward displays of arrogance and not caring, a certain feel of Deja vu is once again in the air. The last person to display this type of behavior was Thaksin Shinawatra. Ironically enough, this government is accused of being a puppet government to Thaksin.

On the first day of questioning in the senate, Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej did his level best to disrupt what was to be a full day of questioning. Samak who essentially was on the witness stand attacked the senators in a bid to change the attention from the issues. As the senate was a hostile environment for Samak, Samak did not stick around for much more than a hour thus avoiding the questions that were the heart of the issues.

On the second day of questioning in the House of Parliament, Samak was seen making paper birds and not focusing on the serious matters at hand. The house is a much friendlier environment as the majority of the members are allies of Samak. In an attempt to portray the hearing as some sort of charade he showed disrespect to every Thai ally or not.

In another attempt of only serving themselves, the issue around the Preah Vihear temple in Cambodia was softened by Samak to simply take the heat off themselves. Essentially this issue is now out of Thai hands and is in the hands of Unesco for consideration as a World Heritage site. When that ruling comes down that is due Early July, it will send conflict through Thailand no matter how it is cut. Day three of the hearing is Wednesday.

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