Thailand’s ruling party reaffirms it’s arrogance

In a few minutes time Thailand’s People Power Party (PPP) voted for itself that it was doing a good job. By doing this they sent a clear message to the Thais, ‘We only care about ourselves and are not at all remorseful for what we have done so far’. By doing this they have very probably sealed not only their political fate but their own personal fate once they are out of power. Nothing lasts forever and at the moment it looks to be 11:30 pm on the day of life for them.

Although the vote went as expected that it would be along party lines, it also was a bit of a catch 22 trap for the PPP and their alliance parties. By showing no remorse for what they have done, they have further driven the wedge between the people. If they had voted for censure they would have voted themselves out and possibly saved face. However like a moth to flame, they have chosen the flame and not to fly away and try another day.

The questions and the grilling during the censure debate were mostly along the lines of common sense. The questions posed by the democrats covered points that should have been transparent if the government was working for the people. But because they were working for themselves a veil of secrecy and refusal to answer questions was what people saw.

Other more critical questions evolved about showing that many of the ministers had not a clue how to perform their job. This fact however was acknowledged before the debate by Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej. This comes as no surprise as essentially the PPP is full of Thaksin Shinawatra cronies and not skilled people. Rearranging the ministers becomes a joke as it is like rotating fouled spark plugs between cylinders, they still don’t work no matter where you put them.

The government has provided the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) with plenty of ammunition to use. It is just a matter of time before the government falls. As each Thai one by one discovers how the government is negatively affecting them, they will one by one join the chorus of the PAD.

Over the next several days the result of what happened will become more apparent. The PPP will try to re-posture it’s appearance while essentially making no change hoping to buy more time. The PAD will become louder and stronger as more Thais side with them. The military will do it’s best to stay out of this hoping the constitution will avert the need for a coup. However with the PPP doing it’s best to ignore the constitution, that coup option is lurking ever so close.

If there is any bright side to this is all this political turmoil is inside a few blocks of Bangkok, the rest of Thailand is still a good tourist destination. All sides agree that the tourist trade must survive if Thailand is to survive. So if you were planning to come to Thailand on holiday, there should be no problem.

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