Thaksin denies court bribe involvement

Thaksin Shinawatra says he had nothing to do with the alleged bribery attempt over which three of his lawyers have been sentenced to six months in prison. However no matter how Thaksin tries to deny it, he would be the only beneficiary had the bribe been accepted.

Understanding how Thaksin operates and the regular patterns of what he does to insulate himself.

Step 1: Find someone to find someone to do the dirty work.
Step 2: Be far away from the scene of the crime when it goes down.
Step 3: Deny involvement.

This is a typical mode of operation and should you care to go back and look, this essentially has become a Thaksin fingerprint.

Also it is very important to understand what Thaksin says in public or through a spokesman is most likely the complete opposite of the truth particularly when he is not under immediate pressure. When you can connect all the dots using these parameters, it becomes much easier to understand Thaksin and how he is likely to react.

The former prime minister’s personal spokesman, Pongthep Thepkanchana, said yesterday Thaksin expressed his regret over the incident and was ready to testify to the court at any time if asked.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday sentenced Pichit Chuenban, Suphasri Srisawat and Thana Tansiri to six months in prison for contempt of court. The three were on the legal team for Thaksin and his wife Pojaman in the Ratchadaphisek land case before the court.

The contempt of court charge was in connection with them leaving Bt2 million stashed in a snack bag with Supreme Court officials on June 10, when they were reporting to the court on Thaksin and Pojaman’s return from a trip abroad.

Yesterday, Supreme Court spokesman Saravuth Benjakul said the court had assigned an official to file a complaint at the Chanasongkram Police Station against Pichit, Suphasri and Thana in connection with the alleged bribery attempt.

“The next step is that the police investigators will have to find out where the money came from. This is the routine process of justice,” he said.

Democrat Party spokesman Ong-art Klampaiboon called on the Samak government to pay attention to the case, saying otherwise there might be more attempts of judicial interference,

He also urged the Anti-Money Laundering Office to trace the Bt2 million so that the authorities knew whose money it was in the first place.

“At this time, there might be an attempt to limit the development of the case to only these three lawyers so that they can’t say who are behind the scenes. The three lawyers can be held as witnesses to help the case,” Ong-art said.

“Thaksin can’t deny his involvement because the three lawyers work closely with him,” he added.

Simply in the end as per usual the evidence or paper trail will come to a dead end leaving only circumstantial evidence pointing to Thaksin.

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