Fanatical Political Correctness Part 2

As the politically correct movement continues to over protect, people continue to lose or never learn the ability to cope with the real world. As Olympic hopefuls must train to make the grade, people must be allowed to train for the real world by exposure and not be insulated from it by the politically correct movement. Without that exposure people will simply not have the ability to keep what is so precious to them like freedom. Part of that freedom is already gone if you stop to look.

Depending on where you stand the perception of pure, perfect, or best is not the same. The world Osama bin Laden would like to see is not the same as the government of China or the government of Israel for that matter. Trying to force ones self perception of perfection onto another is both morally and ethically wrong, yet everyday the political correctness movement does just that and continues to erode freedom.

If you take into consideration any model of obsessive or fanatical behavior, you will see it all starts off as just an idea. Then at each progressive step more and more perceived dominance is asserted until actual dominance becomes a reality.

In the case of Saddam Hussein, he insured his dominance with fear. That is the same type of fear people are getting now if they say or do things that are politically incorrect. Hurt those who may hurt over sensitive people with the reality of life is one of the core values of the politically correct movement. One does have to question if this is just another implied cost saving measure for insurance companies who don’t want to pay for proper psychiatric care for the people who can’t cope with the realities of life.

In the case of Nazi Germany, the dominance was fear if one did not conform to the movement. That is a much more accurate comparison to today’s politically correct movement. Part of that movement was to be aggressive against the jews, in this case anyone who does not conform to being politically correct is essentially treated like the jews were in that era.

In the case of Muslim extremists, they are doing the same thing with the use of fear. If you are a non believer you must die. That fanatical behavior has already started them in killing themselves in attacks. I am not talking about suicide bombers, I am talking about Muslims killing Muslims who do not share their extreme view. As the mesh of their sifting screen gets finer and finer, they will eventually end up killing everyone. As the mesh of the politically correct sifting screen gets finer and finer, eventually nobody will be able to conform.

With obsessive political correctness now classifiable as a psychiatric disorder, the question is how much longer do we let these sick people try to control our lives. The time is long overdue that this fanatical obsessive movement be brought to an abrupt end. The people of the world need to toughen up for the coming food shortages and extreme weather of global warming that is already knocking at the door. As a human species we must do what is right to survive. If there are people that are too weak to cope because they have been over pampered by the politically correct movement, Darwin will see to them first as survival of the fittest is the norm of nature.

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