Looking ahead Connecting the Dots

If you have been reading Connecting the Dots right along you may have noticed a certain trend. That trend is you see it here first before you see it in the major media outlets. By using simple powers of observation and understanding what makes people tick, we are able to provide glimpses of the future. Simply put we connect the dots here for the rest of the world to see.

Trying not to bitch or otherwise complain about things is not what the goal is here, however providing a heads up about things that are important to people is. As many of the stories are written in advance and placed in Que, sometimes we are second when the news hits. Stories that are not time sensitive are moved out allowing more urgent matters to be published first. We have noticed more than a few media outlets looking at what is said here and then later seeing a story on the topic.

The number of people visiting this blog has more than doubled in the last month as word gets around. To be honest we were surprised as to how fast readership has grown and may need to soon consider more bandwidth to keep up with the traffic if the trend continues.

As for going after political correctness, what started out as just being disgusted with how bad it is getting, has also turned into a future looking series pointing out that obsessive political correctness is indeed a psychiatric disorder. Once people come to realize that, political correctness looks to implode to the relief of millions if not Billions of people. However that requires people to recognize it is an illness so telling them or pointing them here is part of that catalyst.

We are also looking for contributors to this blog who may not want to have their own blog but occasionally want to contribute. It does not matter if you are in Thailand, Iraq, USA, France, Holland or any place else for that matter. If you feel you want to contribute just click on the contact page.

We look forward to providing you with easy to understand future trends and events and we also want to thank you for taking the time to read.

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