Global warming 30 years ahead of estimates

With the announcement in June by leading scientists that the polar ice melt was 30 years ahead of schedule only confirms what we have been implying here at Connecting the Dots, we are simply out of time. With the northern hemisphere’s air conditioner shutting down 30 years early, catastrophic changes further south can’t be far away.

As global warming continues to accelerate, scientists as expected are having a difficult time predicting the speed of change. That is simply because they don’t have any past examples to draw data from. Even the best computer models are flawed to some extent when assumed values have been plugged in.

The fact that things are now 30 years ahead of schedule, and very obviously accelerating, the prediction of sea level rise must also be moved up. With more dark open water exposed to the sun, more heat is absorbed accelerating the change. Dark colors absorb heat when light colors reflect heat. When all that white ice is gone covering the Arctic ocean things will change drastically. Significant polar ice melt was one of the major warnings being more like losing and arm as compared to losing a finger. Last year it was news that it was clear sailing for shipping that a channel of open water across the arctic had opened up. This year it is starting to look like sailing across the north pole will be an option for the very first time in human history.

If you take a look at what scientists were projecting to happen around 2040, expect to see that unfolding before your eyes in the next few years as the ice re-freezing is less, thus causing that northern hemisphere air conditioner to shutdown earlier each year. We can also expect possible extinction of Polar bears in the next decade as they can no longer hunt their food through the ice.

The food shortage that is real today will only get worse and get worse quickly because places that can grow food today, will be un-farmable tomorrow as nature continues to fight back at this human parasite that is destroying the planet. It is very obvious how nature wants to deal with humans, and that is to reduce their population by starving them off. The predicted global population of humans at 7,000,000,000 in 2012 is looking more and more like that will be the top of the population growth curve, as nature moves us back to a 5,000,000,000 to 6,000,000,000 population. We will need to change how we treat the planet if we expect to expand our population further. Nature will see to that if the politicians can’t.

So as we once again connect the dots, there is a very significant possibility that between 2009 and 2012 we will no longer be able to keep up with rebuilding after nature does it’s thing as the frequency of natural disasters increases. Personal survival plans should be made in the event we can’t keep up with nature. What that meas is different for everyone. It could be from growing a garden, to considering that beach front property you own may suddenly be on the wrong side of the breaking waves.

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