Political correctness contributes to global warming

Will the day return when men can be men and women can be woman again? Will political correctness finally end? The answer is a resounding upper case bold underlined YES. However it will not end in the way people expect.

Political correctness was born when someone who had way too much time on their hands decided to look for a way to annoy people they did not like, and I challenge anyone to prove that wrong.

Political correctness is not evenly spread across the planet. Places where life it easy and cushy it grows like weeds. Places where life is hard and people search for food daily, political correctness is as rare as a honest politician. Where life is hard being polite is far from the top of the list. Where life is hard, people also have little influence on the climate.

Political correctness contributes to global warming by sending the wrong message. People are afraid to show just how upset and angry they really are with the decision makers who can curb global warming. As a result the wrong signals are being sent and the decision makers read people as a bunch of sheep. As a result they do nothing because they feel no threat. Walking up to them with a club in your hand sends a very different message than trying to be polite and kind looking not to upset that person who is destroying the planet for profit.

Ultimately political correctness is self destructive and the signs will become more obvious every day. There are way too many to list and I am sure you have already seen the signs if you think about it.

So how will political correctness end? The answer is simple, when the effects of global warming start to dominate our lives, the cushy comfortable life will end and our more primal instincts of survival will start to become more dominant. Political correctness can only survive where people feel too comfortable. When life gets rough due to global warming, political correctness will be like a fish out of water. When global food shortages dominate the headlines followed by famine, and the cost of energy is too expensive to warm our homes in the winter, life gets real uncomfortable real fast. Short tempers will replace the politeness of being politically correct.

Heading to the grocery store will become a hunting expedition as prices will be very high and empty shelves will be everywhere. People will start to remove food from other people’s trolleys if they can’t find it on the shelves. Fights will break out over food and no doubt more than a few bloody noses will be seen leaving the store.That is a far cry from being politically correct.

That is just the start, governments will be in shambles as people struggle to survive. Take a look at fallen governments to see just how fast that will happen. Going from political correctness in a cushy society to survival of the fittest will happen quickly as the climate change accelerates. I don’t think we have much longer to wait as it already appears to be underway.

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