California burning

California burning is not the kind of fireworks Americans expected on the fourth of July. However thanks to global warming, nature says Happy Birthday America, and thanks for all those wonderful money driven political decisions on not taking care of mother earth!

It does not take much more than a fourth grade education to see what is right and wrong when it comes to making the right choices for the planet and to curb global warming. It can even be classified as a common sense decision, however the most recently elected president seems baffled when it comes to figuring that out. As a result California burns, the mid west floods, and the rest of the country is experiencing unusual weather as the climate continues to change at an ever accelerating rate. At last report global warming is 30 years ahead of schedule. So to keep the oil companies happy, the insurance companies along with the rest of America must pay, and pay they will for many years to come. The idiom “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” most definitely applies.

So now it has come to the point that national security is being threatened by these bad decisions. More and more resources will be diverted to recover from disaster after disaster until at some point they will be coming faster than people can keep up. Crops lost in a blink of an eye, no infrastructure to make use of alternate means of transportation or energy. It all comes down very simply to not listening to what Al Gore has to say.

If there is anyone who is ready to make the right choices it is Al Gore. Al Gore has endorsed Barack Obama for president, not because he is a democrat, but because Barack Obama wants to make the right choices to stop global warming. John McCain wants to drill for more oil so we can put even more greenhouse gasses in the air. John McCain is still wanting to continue to ignore those common sense choices fourth grade students can easily figure out. It has come to the point that political decisions that make the rich richer and the poor poorer is now undeniably tied to global warming. Simply that thinking it has gone past arrogance to global survival.

It is the hope of the oil companies that with high prices of oil, people will finally cave in and allow drilling for oil in sensitive ecological areas. This however will only make things worse in the long run being more of the same that is feeding global warming. The rich will get richer with this choice and the rest of the world will continue to suffer natures wrath from global warming.

So happy birthday America, you have your choice of two belated birthday gifts, and you get to choose one on November 4th. One is change and one is more of the same. Coining a phrase from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, “Choose wisely”.

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