Political decisions Part 2

As Americans look at the war in Iraq they see Americans being killed and finding it difficult to support the reason to be there. Whatever the reason was, the fact is Americans are there now and a political decision of what to do looms for the Next President of the United States.

Iraq certainly has its problems and when America pulled the cork out of that bottle all that was under pressure erupted out. Simply that is the mess that now must be cleaned up. The name of that cork was Saddam Hessian and most certainly that was no bottle of champagne.

Once again a political decision was made on being the popular choice, the right choice, or political survival. Answering that question is best left to the pages of history and each persons personal opinion.

The enemy knows full well that Americans don’t have the stomach for a prolonged war. Seeing each death one by one and putting a name and a story on each person who gave their life has a profound negative effect on the American public. However seeing a large number of deaths at one time has the opposite effect. During the 9-11 attack Americans were motivated to get on a ship and go and kick some ass. Now the tide has turned and the enemy is using this psychological tool against Americans. If Osama bin Laden was to make a successful attack on the USA, public opinion could once again be turned looking to go and kick more ass.

However now that America is in Iraq, a political decision must be made about what to do. What seems to be so difficult is actually a very easy choice if you look at the morality of it. Simply this war in Iraq is America’s baby. Like any respectable parent they are obligated to seeing that their baby is taken care of until it can take care of itself. To not do that is viewed as both morally and ethically wrong.

No matter how bad and out of control that baby is, it still must be taken care of until it can manage on it’s own. Abandoning the baby because it is a bad baby is wrong, and there are certain penalties for doing that. There are also penalties for neglecting the baby, and each state has it’s own set of laws to deal with people who do that as well.

So as America has and is effecting the lives of everyone in Iraq, they must not abandon them because Americans are dying. Many more Iraqi people have suffered than Americans in Iraq.

So very simply whoever occupies the chair next in the Oval office must deal with this responsibility even if they did not conceive this baby. They will have to face that reality, and come to the political decision of what to do. In this case morality can only allow one answer no matter how distasteful it is to digest.

Part 3 will focus on the economy

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