Political decisions Part 3

The economy in the United States of America is in a rough state, and part 1 of this series covers a big part of the reason why. So now it becomes necessary to make the right political decisions to get America going again. Once again the right choice and the popular choice are two different things.

One can easily conclude that all that money going into the cost of energy is doing harm to the economy. Simply put, all disposable cash is being diverted to paying for energy. It is that disposable cash that feeds the economy.

This certainly is a very complex issue and will require the input of many minds to solve the problem. However the answer is right in front staring us in the face. It is not some cryptic code that must be deciphered. The answer is, it is time to change from dependance of oil to something else. Once that happens, there will be plenty of disposable cash to feed the economy. However the oil companies will not like that, and because they tend to be major political campaign contributors that demand favoritism. It is that favoritism that got us to where we are today.

Governments have the ability and mandate the direction of the country. If they came out and said in 1990 that it is mandatory that we be at x% of alternate energy usage by 2008, then things would be different now. However the popular choice of stay with oil was made. Certainly the politicians could have been more future looking and provided grants for research for alternate energy, but that was the right choice and not the popular choice.

So simply the American economy needs to shift to producing alternate energy technology and implementing it nation wide. This will provide jobs and spending money to feed other sectors of the economy. It would be difficult for other countries like China to take this work as much of it would be cutting edge technology.

So in analysis, the right choice is what always should be done, however the popular choice also known as the politically correct choice has taken over. That is why we are at where we are today and not feeling immunity to the price of oil. This is just another example of how political correctness is harming the country.

One Response to Political decisions Part 3

  1. John Q. Public says:

    Do you have any citations for your claims? Otherwise you sound just like the politicians with *their* baseless claims. For example, you state “Simply put, all disposable cash is being diverted to paying for energy.” without even attempting to justify it. While I have lots of friends and family unhappy with the current price of fuel, that’s in no way the entirety of energy usage. And, from what I can tell, few of them have dramatically changed their spending habits, although exactly one friend has started taking the bus to work. (I should mention that my friends and family are not exactly jet-setters, either.) Disposable cash is not the current economic issue in the US, I suspect.