Thailand’s government heat removing deception

There were subtle hints of deception in the air around Thailand’s ruling party change of heart about modifying the countries Constitution. Although prior to July 13, it was difficult to pinpoint exactly where the stench was coming from. Also it would not be the first time deception has been used by elements of this government to remove the heat.

In 2006 Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was under similar pressure to step down. In early April 2006 Thaksin announced he was stepping down. This resulted in the heat being removed and the smiles returning to the faces of the Thais. However that was short lived as Thaksin returned six weeks later announcing he was only on Holiday and never really left.

There is a distinct set of parallels here so to connect the dots they are as follows;

  • Thaksin is the true power behind the People Power Party (PPP).
  • Thaksin is also a creature of habit often repeating what he does.
  • Thaksin had lost all credibility in his word and frequently does the exact opposite of what he says in public.

With just those 3 dots it does not take much to see that the PPP saying they have given up on changing the Constitution many just be a repeat of the April 2006 deception.

On Sunday July 13, Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej let it be known he plans to revamp the Constitution to “Save his administration”. He has made it no secret that he despises the new Constitution as it seems nearly every week he or someone in his government gets bit by the teeth embedded in that constitution meant to control bad boy politicians. So rather than obeying the law that makes all the sense in the world, he looks to change the law so he can continue to have bad boy politicians rape and pillage the country. If there was any shred of respectability left in this government, it is gone now.

Prior to this announcement there was some suggestion that the PPP looked to ram through one quick change to the Constitution when parliament reconvenes in August. That one change would be totally self serving meant to insure self preservation.

Needless to say this new announcement by Samak will bring the wrath of the entire country to his door step and a near instant ramp up of the street protests as well as legal attacks on supporters of the rewrite. If there was a 100% wrong thing to say, Samak has said it by saying he plans to rewrite the Constitution. The majority of the Thais already reject this, and as each day passes, more and more are coming to see the Constitution is actually working for the people to insure a good government.

It also would seem that the PPP can see the writing on the wall and they are soon to become just another sad chapter in Thai history. Comments of we are not worried reflect similar speeches of the past just before the chug, chug, chug of the toilet was heard. There have also been moves to form a new party as the rats that have not been bitten yet by the constitution plan to abandon ship.

The PPP has been bitten too many times by the Constitution and is bleeding profusely. It would seem the entire reason the PPP exists it to get Thaksin back in power and shed his legal woes. So as the PPP is just a bunch of people who are not Thaksin, Thaksin will have no problem sacrificing them and getting a new batch of (insert your own word here) for round two. Simply the PPP will have finally discovered that they have danced with the devil and have been put out with the trash by Thaksin.

With the Constitution having been changed for round two, whatever is reincarnated from the ashes of the TRT/PPP will have a better chance of survival. For the moment that seems to be the long term plan for survival if you can call it that. The only beneficiary of all of this will be Thaksin, but that itself is not new. That is exactly what got Thaksin in hot water to begin with when this all started years ago.

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