American Can’t Do!

The once proud phrase “American Can Do” and know how has now been replaced with “America Can’t Do” and have not a clue how to do it if you choose to listen to the Bush administration when it comes to making the right choices about global warming. It would appear countries who do not have the same vast resources as the United States can do what this administration says it can’t.

On Friday July 12, the Bush administration Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) simply said in so many words ‘making changes would cripple the economy.’ The Bush administration has no doubt once again caved in to big money causing Americans to hang their head in shame for the rest of the world to see when it comes to this ‘There is no choice do or die’ decision. We need to act now to save our planet as well as countless species that will soon become extinct as a direct result of climate change. At this point calling the Bush administration ‘stupid’ would fit the bill and be a totally accurate assessment. This decision is causing all Americans to simply lose face in the eyes of the world. This clearly wrong decision has now gone well past annoyance and now treads in the garden of survival.

Nostradamus once made reference to something along the lines of beware of the village idiot, perhaps this is what he meant.

Fortunately there is only a very few months left in this presidency, however every day delayed moves us into more severe weather, with more crops lost and more damage done to infrastructure by the hand of nature. This makes the choices very clear when it comes to the November elections. You have a Republican candidate who will follow the same path of big money or a Democratic candidate who has been endorsed by Nobel Prize winner Al Gore.

Simply it is time for Americans to recapture their pride tossed aside by the Bush administration. If you come to think about it, Scott McClellan although under attack by the politically correct attack dogs has more respect in the eyes of the world than George Bush, and that I am sorry to say is a very sad fact indeed.

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  1. jackson says:

    You are a complete idiot! As usual you blame America and Bush for all the problems in the world! Funny how Thailand among others such as China, etc. refuse the global warming scam but you still blame bush! Get your facts straight such as the myth of global warming before you go ranting about your biased opinions… Oh yea and don’t speak for us Americans who prefer fact over fiction before making idiotic decisions… Take care of your own damn crappy third world country before worrying about ours!

  2. I wouldn’t say “idiot”. I hate name-calling because of differences of opinion. You won’t win anyone over that way.

    Here are some facts:

    The Senate voted 95-0 against Kyoto back under Clinton. It’s not just a Bush thing.

    China and India are exempt from Kyoto and are presently sucking up the world’s supply of oil.

    A new coal-fired power plant is being commissioned every WEEK in China, which will pump out more CO2.

    China’s also building dams and nuclear power plants galore, and Chinese oil companies are working their way through Africa signing up various deals.

    Yet, as oil prices go through the roof, the US continues to prevent new oil exploration and extraction on its continental shelf and elsewhere, and it still takes years to get planning permission to build dams and nuke plants.

    Of course, when you limit the production or supply of energy, prices increase, it’s simple economics!

    The energy problems of the US are of its own making, thanks mostly to Democrats and the all-too-powerful environmental lobby, who are against human progress at all costs. Believe it or not, you can develop affordable energy sources with modern technology without trashing the environment.

    Meanwhile, the world’s average temperatures have plateaue over the last 10 years while CO2 has continued to climb. In fact, just in the last year, the temperature has fallen to where it was in 1980!,21985,24036602-5000117,00.html

    (An opinion piece, but note sources.),25197,24036736-7583,00.html

    (Note who the writer is, more authority than most.)

    The theory of anthropogenic and catastrophic global warming (or “climate change”) is a phantom menace and fast becoming both a religious cult and mass hysteria.