PPP resists Thailand’s behavior changing Constitution

The wisdom of Thailand’s new constitution is becoming more apparent everyday. The new Constitution is loved more and hated more each day depending on if you are one of the good boy politicians or one of the bad boy politicians.

The People Power Party (PPP) has reasserted the need to attack the Constitution because it simply bites them every time they step out of line. So rather than accepting that they need to change, they want to disable what is forcing them to toe the line. This is just raw anger without any cognitive input directed at the Constitution, and no indication what so ever of the desire to change. It seems figuring out that they must change is above their mental capacity.

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has said many times the new Constitution is biased against his PPP party. Essentially he is half right and half wrong with that statement. The new Constitution targets bad boy politicians and is helpful to good politicians and ultimately the Thai people. Because the PPP is loaded with Thaksin cronies and bad boy politicians who don’t know what to do, it would seem to the lesser educated eye the new Constitution is targeting the PPP. However that statement/message was designed for the lesser educated Thais who are the voter base for this bunch.

So as it seems the PPP is unwilling or unable to change its behavior, they choose to attack the Constitution that was approved by 57.8% of Thailand. With the PPP going against the collective wisdom of the Thai people, that will once again setoff a firestorm against them and most certainly is a catalyst for a coup. For the moment the military seems content to sit on the side and let the constitution do it’s job of house cleaning. If the PPP is successful in changing the Constitution, tanks in the streets of Bangkok wont be far behind. It is a bit of a no brainer but still seems to be above the mental ability of the PPP.

So far the PPP has only done things to help itself and have done very little if any work for the Thai people. At the moment their actions only seem to be buying time to delay their inevitable downfall. Changes in the cabinet meant to look good and delaying announcing the new lineup, schemes that sound good but under closer examination fall apart like a toy model assembled without glue. It certainly appears that the PPP does not have what it takes. Thaksin Shinawatra who is the person behind the PPP and who is banned from politics for another 4 years seems to be the only person associated with the PPP who knows what he is doing. It is apparent that Thaksin is not providing much input other than the idea of what to do. His cronies are proving to be useless when it comes to pulling it together without being lead by the hand by Thaksin himself. So even the simplest of campaign promises seems too much to deliver.

When Thaksin was Prime Minister one of his statements that bought him more enemies was “I am the only smart person in Thailand, everyone else is my helper.” Perhaps if Thaksin had refined that statement and limited it to the people who follow him, he would have scored points as apparently it would be much more accurate.

Thaksin has dropped out of sight and that can only mean he is in damage control mode working to save his own ass from his trial. More than likely Thaksin has already mentally said goodby to the PPP and is searching for the next bunch who will blindly sacrifice themselves for him.

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