Thaksin cronies fail as Thailand’s government

In Thailand the People Power Party (PPP) has failed miserably as a government. This bunch of minimally talented Thaksin Shinawatra cronies have not a clue what to do without Thaksin holding them by the hand every step of the way. Even following some simple procedures outlined in the constitution seems above their ability.

Prime Minister, Samak Sundaravej in typical bully mentality has openly attacked the constitution and anyone else who seems to be in the way of doing what they want. Samak has admitted that he told his PPP to go on the attack. This mentality looks to place the blame everywhere else except where it belongs.

It is becoming increasing apparent that rules, laws and regulations are something completely new and foreign to Thaksin’s cronies. Because of that they have an overwhelming desire to get rid of those rules, laws and regulations. Looking at what the PPP wants to change in the constitution is virtually every part that has stood in their way or has bit them in the ass.

One of the articles they want to change has to do directly with the fallout from the Preah Vihear temple. This increasingly emotional issue has now brought the Thais to the point of conflict with the Cambodians. Had the constitution been followed non of this would be going on and it would have quietly found it’s way to the back page of the newspapers. So not only does the PPP fail to see the wisdom of the constitution to avoid or minimize conflicts between countries, they could care less about others and just want to change that part because it bit them in the ass.

To continue to tout support for things that are clearly wrong simply shows the same arrogance that was in the Thaksin government. Showing support for the now disgraced former Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama really shows they have no clue at all how bad they are.

One by one the Ministers fail they eye of scrutiny, and that is yet another thing they want to change in the constitution. They want to blind those eyes as well as tie their hands. Those constitutional provisions are meant to insure that the people in government work fairly for the Thai people.

The PPP is acting like a cornered animal biting snarling and snapping at anything and everything that it perceives as a threat. Launching attacks on other parties namely the democratic party who has shown through all of this that following the constitution is 100% doable. The attacks were meant as a form of pressure to go with the constitutional changes. However as so far the democrats have done nothing to raise concern, there is little doubt they will survive whatever scrutiny they find themselves under.

As for doing things to help the country, once again the PPP have failed miserably. Other than  impressive sounding ideas, the ideas fall apart on line item one of the instructions on how to implement them. Clearly little or no thought has gone into any of these future failed ideas. Whether it is inability to come up it functional ideas, or just not caring, both don’t fly in the eyes of the Thais. Only the lesser educated Thais may be deceived by the impressive sounding ideas. One example is cheap fuel from Russia. It looks good until you consider the cost of getting it from Russia to Thailand. Once the transport costs are included it becomes apparent there is no discount and may actually cost more over the long run.

To quell protests of government failures, the government has provided handouts. This only has the effect of bleeding the countries coffers dry. Essentially a pacifier that has little or no nourishment for the country. Examples are fuel breaks for busses and other service/transport vehicles apparently without providing funds from another source to compensate for the loss. If in fact it was compensated for, making the source of the funds public was not presented in an easy to find forum.

All the attacks Samak is citing have legitimate bases, however he refuses to accept them by barking like a dog in an attempt to intimidate his accusers. This only makes him look worse in everyone’s eyes including businessmen who may look to make an investment in Thailand. That is apparent by the Thai stock market doing it’s version of the NASDAQ crash.

Meanwhile Thaksin remains out of sight as he is no doubt very busy with damage control in what is now known as the Thaksin Shinawatra trial. The failed bribe to the courts that sent three of his lawyers to jail for six months most certainly did not sit well. That simply translates to Thaksin that this may actually be a fair trial unless he can buy off some of the prosecution witnesses. This apparently is also something new for Thaksin, facing a court that is not stacked in his favor. This leaves him little time to make his puppet government look good or dig it out of the hole it dug for itself.

Considering the pressure Samak is under, one has to truly wonder if he is at all in touch with reality. A person who was in touch with reality would most certainly be under some sort of psychiatric care to deal with all this self induced bad news. This would certainly be a significant mental and emotional challenge for the strongest of the mentally strong. However the way Samak acts in public, it suggest he is not one of the mentally strong with all those rabid outbursts at the most basic questions. Even when in front of the Senate he lost all respect for the senators and spewed rhetoric to avoid answering basic questions of transparency. Samak even attacked a MP who is a doctor when he provided a psychological evaluation. It does not take a mental health professional to see that things are wrong with Samak’s state of mind.

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