The Detroit Canary syndrom

How Detroit fairs with the rising cost of energy will be the telltale sign of what direction we need to go. As Canary birds were used to detect gas in mines, now how Detroit reacts will tell us how we should respond and what direction to go with the gas situation.

It has been said that when George Bush speaks, it is the oil companies speaking, of this fact there is little doubt. His actions, reactions and response in recent days show this to be true. Bush apparently sees oil before he sees the need for change. Because of this Detroit will now be forced into needing to make rapid changes, and that is not something Detroit does well. Retooling for a new car line can take a year. Add to that, new energy technology was not high on the list of things to develop and you can already see that Canary starting to wobble on it’s perch.

Detroit is one of the sources of American personal independence. Meaning if you have your own car, you can go when and where you want. Now due to the position of the Bush administration, that independence is only now for the people that can afford to tank up that car. Perhaps that can be summed up in the general position of the Republican party. Often their actions have been said to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Now only the rich can drive, and everyone else is on the bus. Keep that thought in mind come election day this November. That thought can also be easily expanded when you tie the cost of energy to the ability to pay your mortgage.

So if Detroit can not make the adjustment and big name companies like ‘General Motors’ flounder then America is in for a world of hurt. It simply will be the unfortunate proof of failed policies and favoritism to big oil. In the 7 plus years George Bush was in office, there was only a trickle of money for research and development of alternative energy when there should have been a flood. They knew way back on the day Bush was sworn into office that the oil was running out.

It has been said that politicians really don’t know much. They rely on the experts to tell them in laymen terms what is going on. Politicians are lawmakers and like any lawyer they will call in an “Expert Witness” in a trial. However there are exceptions to this and one of them is called Al Gore.

This still all comes down to a very few people controlling the direction of the planet, and those few are very easily intoxicated with the smell of money and power. The failure of the Bush administration to see the need for change and to take the initiative may have cause the United States much more than personal independence, it may have bumped it from the list of world leading countries. Technology from other countries already has surpassed the United States particularly when it comes to alternate energy, and in today’s world that is the kind of power that allows people to prosper. Fortunately the Bush days are coming to an end, or are they?

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