Thailand’s PPP tries Joe Isuzu approach

In an attempt to counter increasing criticism Thailand’s ruling People power Party (PPP) looks to employ direct counter propaganda. The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) seems to have found a nerve that hits too close to home for the PPP.

It really is not hard to go after the PPP as they continue to demonstrate what not to do. It is unclear if this is deliberate or they have not a clue what to do. As the PPP is essentially the reincarnation of the Thai Rak Thai (TRT) and is loaded with the same Thaksin Shinawatra cronies, the TRT only functioned well because Thaksin was the brains behind it. The PPP wants to do the same thing as the TRT, however Thaksin’s own comment when he was Prime minister that ‘he was the only smart one and everyone else is just his helper’ seems to be accurate when limited to talking about his cronies.

Thaksin seems to have dropped out of sight as he deals with his first trial, however that is typical for Thaksin when things are not going his way. So it is a fair assumption Thaksin is too busy saving his own ass to help the PPP. His last semi public appearance was for his youngest daughter’s graduation at a Bangkok University earlier this month.

In an attempt to deflect the criticism leveled by the PAD, the PPP want to employ a daily reply. Seeing it the PAD criticism is essentially accurate with a few extra hot Thai spices thrown in for good measure, any replyfrom the PPP would only be seen as just a sales pitch for defective merchandise. So the PPP backed down from that and now look to employ people who must mimic Joe Isuzu and hope someone will buy it. Apparently the program  will be hosted by government supporters led by Veera Musikapong, a former executive of the now-defunct Thai Rak Thai Party. In case you missed it, that means Thaksin cronies will be supporting Thaksin cronies, and that once again brings us back to Thaksin’s statement that he is the only smart one.

Joe Isuzo
Joe Isuzo
It certainly will be a creative endeavor to put the PPP in a positive light for anyone with higher than a first year highschool education. So far the PPP have violated the Constitution several times and are on the verge of starting a war with Cambodia, all while doing nothing for the people of Thailand.
Once again the PPP have lost the plot by trying to do this. To try to argue in support for past failures seems a bit like flogging a dead horse. However to attempt to do what they were elected to do would say a whole lot more in their behalf, however that brings us back to Thaksin’s statement that he is the only smart one. As previously mentioned, it is not hard to go after the PPP.

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